Leaf Meditations

10:42 AM

Leaf Meditations
in watercolor
handbook • watercolor • journal
3.5" x 17"
I looked up with a start when I heard Chris ask "Did you get lost? Again."

I was in the studio, but for all intents and purposes, I had been lost. In my own little world. Painting leaf meditations.....
Close up of image above
These were painted with an Escoda® Travel Brush (in the first image), Series 1214, Size 6. This brush came home from the trade show with me, and I have to tell you it is an absolute pleasure to paint with! The brush is only a size 6 but holds as much water as some of my larger brushes. It also comes to a razor sharp point (which I love) that allows me to get to the small details without having to change brushes.

These brushes are made in Barcelona, Spain and the company has been making brushes for 75 years. This is particular brush is made from kolinsky sable and is on its way to becoming my favorite brush. I recently read over on Wet Canvas that when someone had a question on an Escoda brush and emailed the company. Ricard Escoda replied with an the answer—I find that remarkable in the age of Big Business.
Bottom section of top image

All of the leaves were painted loosely without pencil. The pigment was allowed to move "outside of the lines" to give the impression of movement. To further the impression of movement, no cast shadows were added. For me, there is something very zen like in painting these little masterpieces of nature. If you're interested in learning how to paint this type of artwork, please join me for an Imaginary Visit Through Autumn! The trip leaves on October 21st! Please click here for more information.

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