Can I Have Some?!

4:47 AM

Don't know what you've got, but I'm just sure I want some. 
Can I? Can I? Can I have some?
Canadian Goose
Handbook • Watercolor • Journal
3.5" x 8.5"

Meet "Blacflac," Aflac's cousin! This dapper individual decided he* had to have some of whatever Cris and her husband were having for lunch. Cris is the author of the lovely blog Cris, Artist in Oregon! Ever since I've started working in this journal with the loooooooong format, I've been "finding" some wonderfully fun images to capture, and I just loved this guy! Cris was kind enough to allow me to sketch it (thanks, Cris)!!

When painting a black subject, I find it very helpful to look at the "temperature" of the black fur/feathers/surface. If it's in the sun, chances are good it's going to be warm. Even to the point that it's a brownish black. If it's on the shady side, it's going to be cool. Maybe even bluish black. What you can't see in this scan is the greens, reds, purples, and siennas that are visible in person. You can see a bit of the browns and blues.

As this individual lives outside, the colors of the outside world would be reflected in his feathers...greens, golds, blues, etc. The reds and purples are thrown in for added interest and variety. If you are feeling a bit ho-hum about your current sketchbook, I encourage you to try switching to a different format—it offers new challenges as well as new ways of looking at/for things!

*I've no idea if this is him or a her. It just seemed simplest to call it a him.

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22 Creative Thought(s)

  1. He looks good, Laure! I love the new format!

  2. Thanks, Jan! He was lots of fun to paint!

  3. I love painting blacks and grays - there is such a challenge to find all of the colors you mention.

    This is gorgeous, and I can see a hint of those colors (my scanner doesn't capture certain hues well at all). Wish I could see it in person!

    I really like this long format too!

  4. I was worried about the long format of your new sketchbook. I am impressed that you can find so many l-o-n-g things to paint Laurie. It just goes to show your creative side is unending. This guy is a handsome dude.

  5. When I read the headline and the first few lines of this post, before I saw the painting, I was expecting a dog or cat begging for food--not a Canadian goose! I love it! "He's" beautiful, and so polite looking. I think it's amazing how "black" and "white" are really so many subtle colors together. I also love the creativity the new sketchbook seems to have unleashed in you! Wanna share (the creativity, that is)?

  6. I saw this on Cris' blog and it looks so neat here. Great job on recognizing a painting opportunity.
    ps, I am now lusting after that sketchbook. lol

  7. Thanks for the tips on painting black subjects. One of these days I'm going to attempt to paint Buddy. I'll need these tips for him. And you did a great job on Blacflac (even the name is creative!).

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth! I love the challenge of adding the colors and making them look like they belong in black.

    Thank you, Lisa! I really didn't know what I'd put into the sketchbook, but I have to say, I'm having a great deal of fun with it!

    Unleashed creativity? I like it!! Thanks, KJ!

    Thanks, Teri! I like the sketchbook, and I like the paper, but I stop short of recommending it because it does have limitations. I think if you approach it from an experimental perspective, it's fine. I'm not sure it will ever be the old standby that Arches is.

  9. Hey, Cheryl, I missed your comment...thanks for the kind words! You really do need to paint that sweet puppy! He's just asking for the tickle of the brush!

  10. This is really neat. The format of the book really does fit him doesn't it? He looks terrific too.

  11. He's wonderful! And you're right, he works perfectly with that format. (I find it difficult to work with a vertical, unless I have a table and can stand up!)

  12. Oh my word this is AWESOME. I LOVE how he came out. Hey I took the photo & I don't know if it was a He or She. :)What fun it is to see what you did with this photo. Fits beautifully in your new sketchbook. I also never realized there were shades of black and white. A fun post today. Thanks.

  13. Thanks, Timaree! All kinds of long things have been catching my eye since I started this particular sketchbook.

    Thanks, Kate! For whatever reason, I'm not struggling with the book to much. I rather thought it would be difficult.

    Thank you, Cris, and thanks again for letting me use the photo reference! When you go to buy house paint, have you ever looked at all the shades of white? It's no different, really with an artist's palette.

  14. Really delightful illustraton! What a character 'he' looks!

  15. This is great inspiration! I love the format and this painting. You capture this guys personality so well!

  16. love what you did with Cris' wonderful photo of this goose.

  17. This long-necked guy is awesome! So hard to do the black and you did a marvelous job! WOW!!!

  18. Laure, I love the illustration of the goose. What a great way to use that looong format. But I've got to tell you that it's a Canada goose.... not Canadian - which is a very common mistake.
    Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

  19. Thanks for the kind words and the heads up, Nancy, I've heard from several folks about the mistake.

  20. Love this! I like your new format too.


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