No Excuses Watercolor Sketch Kit!

10:37 AM

Go no further and do not watch this video if your favorite reason for not taking your sketch kit with you every where you go is something like "It weights too much," "It won't fit in my purse/pocket/bag" or "I don't want to be weighed down with too much stuff!"

Here are a few suggestions for creating sketch kits that are slim, trim and as easy to carry as a piece of paper!

Let me know what you think!

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30 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This is a great idea... I end up taking all my pencils... I will give this a try. I love the pencils you demoed and did my most recent page with them. However, I use pen and ink first. Check out my page on my blog if you want to see....


  2. I love your enthusiasm for new toys, Laure! So are you going to make a course out of this ... you could send us on plein aire challenges with our new wc pencils.
    I'm not sure how this would work for me up here in the North if we get a snowy winter ... has anyone come up with heated wc pencils yet? Now that would be a seller ...

    As always, thanks for sharing!!!


  3. Brilliant, Laure,

    Thank you so much,


  4. "Let me know what you think!"

    I think you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you VERY much for this idea :)

  5. Excellent video! Not only for tiny sketch kits but also for mixing colors on the paper. Thanks!

  6. It's hard to leave those supplies behind, Elizabeth, but maybe this is a good stop gap measure! Thanks for commenting!

    Donna, they have a new accessory for artists living in the great white North—it's called a car! You sit in it and it has a heater in it and you turn it up to full blast and then you go find some really cool scene to paint and you sit in your nice warm insulator and paint! ;•)

    Thanks, Vicki!

    Why, thank you, Bob!! Hope to see you out sketching!

    Thanks, Vicky! I thought it would be a great way to have something to sketch with without the WHOLE kit!

  7. Laure, This is such a fun and useful idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. Btw, your video is very well done.

  8. ...that is so cool and fun!! I have some watercolor pencils, but I really didn't know how to use them so they have sat "dormant" for a couple of months. I'm going to give this method a try! Great video.....I always love your videos. I can't wait until I can take my next class!

  9. This is SO very very helpful to me! The travel pallet, the demonstration... all of it! I adore you Laure. Thank you for such awesome inspiration, I am determined to take one of your online courses now and feel it will be very helpful in facilitating me DOING what I keep thinking about but am unsure of how to start at times. I have to do most of my 'learning' via books, and I simply find your video far more informative, providing me a place to jump off. I've got the FC water color pencils and now feel more confidence in how to use them. :) Sorry for being so WORDY. I'm just thrilled at how much this little video has given me to work with.

  10. Great job, Laure! One of the many reasons I promote wc pencils :)

  11. great idea. I could take a lot of different colors in not much space since I am a color junkie, but this would also work well with the Daniel smith dot cards that I haven't done anything with yet.

  12. Thanks for the kind words, Janene!

    Come on then, Kelly! Would love to have you back in class! Bring your pencils too, we'll put them to good use!

    Hi, Katie! I am so glad these ideas helped you out! I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Look at it this way, just play! You can't get it wrong. If you don't like it, toss it aside and go again. That's how we all learn—along with a little help from a friend or two!

    Pam, I can see why. I've never used them much before I saw this, but I think I will now!

    From one color junkie to another... ****SMILE****!
    Doesn't the thought of all those colors make you happy??!!

  13. What a great idea Laure - I'll have to try this!

  14. This is fabulous. You make it look so easy. Great ideas. I still need a waterbrush. Surgery got in the way of finding one.

  15. I really should try this. Instead of drawing on the spot the other day, I picked up a leaf and took it home with me. I actually took out a pen and drew it and then painted it before eating the donut I'd bought though! There are times though, when you can't take the scene or object home to draw and then this would be perfect.

  16. What a hoot. This would be a fun way to keep a little bit of paint and color with you. Thanks for sharing this Laurie. Have a great weekend out and about.

  17. Hi Laure. This is a really great idea. I took my sketch pad with me on my trip and I used it a little. I got some good photos that I want to sketch from at a later date. I find it hard to sit still and paint when there is so much to see around me. I'm better at bringing the picture home and painting later.

  18. Very innovative, Laure! Like the WC option too. Question: when done painting, how do you close up the pigment book so that it doesn't run together or bleed out? Do you put a tissue in the book to absorb wetness? And perhaps put the book in a baggie so it doesn't leak into your purse? What have you found that works for you?

  19. Let me know what you think, Cheryl!

    It is easy, Cris, just start slinging paint!

    Timaree, you're absolutely right, sometimes you can't lug "it" home with you and this makes the perfect way to capture it!

    Thanks, Lisa! Hope you had a phenomenal weekend too!

    Thanks, Katie! I think we all do the same thing when there's so much to see and do. However, this is a great wall to be prepared for those special moments.

    Hey, Krista! I haven't found it to be a problem yet, but I do keep the pigment card in a baggie with the other papers so that should it be wet there wouldn't be a problem. I prefer the folded card over putting the pigment on the paper I'm going to sketch on so that I don't run the risk of messing up the sketch when I'm carrying it around.

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

  20. This is a great idea!
    Can you help me with names (brand) of waterbrushes you've used in your video? Then I'll try to find some here. Thanks!

  21. Hi, Brigitte, the waterbrush I use in the video is a large Holbein waterbrush. Let me know if I can help further!

  22. I am just getting ready to go to a wedding and was lamenting not being able to carry some art supplies with me for the inevitable downtime that happens. Brilliant yet again, that's you!

  23. OMG!!! How cool is that?!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Laure - what a brilliant video demo. I've seen the idea before but seeing it demoed makes the world of difference. I think I'll make up some pigment folders to tuck into my sketchbook. For some reason, even though I take a small watercolour field kit with me I just never get around to colouring when out and about!
    Thank you for sharing. May I add this to my blog?

  25. Christie, a wedding is the perfect place for this idea!

    Thanks, Robin!

    Looking forward to what you do with this, Teri!

    Thanks, Gillian, by all means, please use it! Thank you for sharing!!

  26. What a super idea!..Thanks for the demo..I love using watercolor pencils and usually take too many.. I will surely try this!.. Hannah

  27. Hi, Hannah, glad it helped—let me know how it works out for you in the field! Thanks for commenting, too!

  28. O, I've forgotten to write "thank you, Laure" for this genius idea! I always carry "no excuses kit" in my bag! I wrote about it in my blog (with link to your YT, of course)


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