The South of France....

10:03 AM

....where the poppies bloom,

....where the lavender's sweet scent fills the air,

....where thousands of sunflower sway in the breeze,
 ....where visiting Domaine du Haut Baran makes the living easy by taking care of the daily details so you can enjoy each day to the fullest!
This lovely country inn is located in southwestern France, about 20 minutes from a small village called Le Boulvé. The area is known as the Quercy, and is located about an an hour and a half north of Toulouse. The inn has been restored by William and Rosalie Haas. had the good fortune of being next to their booth at the tradeshow.
Gabby, Robin and John were at the tradeshow representing Domaine du Haut Baran, and we had a delightful time working together. William is Robin and John's brother, so you can see it's definitely a family adventure!

The chateau offers bicycling tours (as the Tour de France passes through their region),, cooking classes, horseback riding, walking tours, and (my personal fav) artist retreats! Anyone want to join me for a week or two in the South of France?

For more information about visiting the chateau, please contact William or Rosalie at or visit their web site at

Not able to get away right now for a quick trip to France? Then why not take an "Imaginary Trip to Paris?!" with me to prepare for a visit? The Imaginary Trip leaves this Friday, October 1st! Please click here for class information!

Please Note: all photos are from the Domaine du Haut Baran website with the exception of the poppies and the Haas family photo.

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love your pictures!
    Beautiful France, I'm now looking forward to the next holiday:)
    Great painting subjects!

  2. Wow! I can just feel the excitement in the air! I'm sure your wheels are turning in double-time. What lovely photos too!

  3. Doesn't it look fabulous, Suzanne?!!

    Ah, Claire, you know me too well! Yes, the wheels are turning double-time!

  4. If you ever seriously plan any kind of art retreat there - count me in!! Sounds and looks wonderful!!!!

  5. Wouldn't an actual trip be fun!? But for those of us who can't at least we get to enjoy traveling via Imaginary Trips!

    All those flower pics are gorgeous!

  6. I'm confused. Are you actually there or is this a fantacy? Love all those fields of flowers and the chateau too.

  7. I seriously plan to, Cheryl. The only thing is question is when!

    I think it would be an absolute blast, Timaree, and with all the imaginary trips, we'll all be in good shape once we get there!

    Didn't mean to confuse you, Lynn, I'm in Florida. However, Domaine du Haut Baran is not a fantasy but a real (fabulous) place to visit!

  8. What a wonderful place to visit, virtually or in reality. Wow - can you imagine trying to decide what to paint or draw? This would nearly be artist overload!! Gorgeous photos, and how great to meet the proprietors!

  9. GORGEOUS photos! Love all those yummy, juicy colors. No wonder so many great painters were French!

  10. What fun, and how beautiful, Laure! I'm there in my mind now! Lovely! I've read about their place before. Sounds exquisite!

  11. ...sounds like a dream come true. I hope to make it over there someday--and attend a workshop you're putting on!!! :-D


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