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12:09 PM

Would you care to join me for a piece of "imaginary" cake? I think I'm going to have a slice of Red Velvet (or as my mother calls, Red Devil)! Please, have any flavor you'd like and there are no calories! Can't beat that...

Red Velvet Cake Slice
You know, I used to....ignore birthdays. As much as you can ignore that sort of thing. Especially when you have folks around that want to share good wishes, happiness and laughter with you. In the last few years I've changed my attitude and started to embrace this day. I guess I look at it more as "I made it another year!' or "Wow, look at all that I've accomplished, not to mention the fun I've had, in the last year!" rather than "Oh, no! That number just went up. Again!"

When my thoughts do wander towards worrying about numbers, I've started saying, "Yes.....and?"

I remember my grandmother (who lived to be in her late 90's) said she was still 14—in her mind. She said she never "thought like she was old." She shared that with me when she was well in her 70's. At the time, I found it odd, but I wasn't really old enough to understand. Now, I know what she meant. I'm still in my twenties in my mind. It seems to be just the "packaging" that shows (and feels) its age.

'Tis a day of celebration in that I've made it another year and along the way I've marked off a few things from my "To Accomplish in this Lifetime" list. I've been happier in the last two years than I have been in a long, long time as well! That's not to say I'm not still striving to improve myself or my life; however, today is a day to reflect (with gratitude) on my life, so very full of blessings, friendship and happiness.

I also want to say thanks to each of you for helping to make my life far richer and filling it with happiness and laughter, for giving me the opportunity to  "know" a bit about you and for the sharing and caring I've received and witnessed in the blogosphere!

Now, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea to go with that cake......
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