I've Been Bad....

9:31 AM

....and it felt so good!! For the last month, I've been getting up a little past six, stumbling over to the Beast (also known as an exercise machine) and exercising the very first thing most every morning for 20-30 minutes. No coffee, no breakfast, just water. This morning, I decided to forgo the Beast and went to the studio instead.

Oh, my, how I've missed this! I worked on a journal I'm building and then I switched to the Snowman...

Mr. Vert Snowman
Here he is in his FUZZY red jacket! And here's his brother....

Mr. Hort Snowman
They're identical twins in case you were wondering! And even at their age, they still like to dress the same. 

Below is the complete image...

I intend to add cards to the Etsy shop when I get them made. Anyone have any ideas for fun (funny) captions for this guy?! If I choose your caption, you'll get a FREE box of 8 cards! Give me your funniest ideas!!

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh, darn--I wish I was good at this type of thing. I'll have to give this some though--LOVE it, Laure! The fuzziness is amazing. Very sweet, and the red is great with the greens.

  2. I'm puttin' on my top hat
    Tyin' up my warm scarf
    Lookin' for my mitts...
    Happy holidays!

    I may be a snowman but I'm allergic to the cold!
    Happy holidays!

    Don't let the snow fool you ... I have a warm heart!
    Warmest holiday wishes!

    Thanks for making me think "cool."

  3. Lyrics in cards is where I fail everytime. I'll put my thinking cap on and if I think of some I'll come back. Love that texture in the coat. I figured you could do it! It was sooo worth forgoing the exercise one morning.

  4. What a handsome fellow. I will try to think of something witty to say.

  5. "Mmmmmmph mummm muuffffmmm mmmymph!!"

    "I'm freezing my snowballs off!"

    "This wind really jingles my bells!"

  6. How cute. I love how you incorporated everyones ideas.. from fuzzy to the color red.
    I keep thinking.. 'Baby its cold outside'. A song that went thru my head when looking at this. lol
    Oh do you know that you burn more calories after eating a meal then on a empty stomach. Anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour after a meal for at least 20 minutes.

  7. Adorable. I'd like to caption him, but I'm not sure I can compete with Drugstore Bob!

  8. He is one adorable, beautifully painted snowman!

    If I think of anything witty, I'll let you know. Right now my brain is refusing to cooperate (not unusual).

  9. Laure, I love this snowman! I love that you gave him a red fuzzy, nubby sweater/jacket. This is adorable!


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