She Did It!

10:48 AM

She is victorious!

She is joyous!

She is proud!

She is loud!

Front of bag with pocket
Sam has a new bag with all of the desired features!!

After several skirmishes, Sam decided it would be acceptable to make the bag out of scraps—from the curtain panels in the studio.....IF she could add a touch of "glam." Hence the beads across the top of the pocket where I stash keys and lipstick.

Back of bag

The back panel is Sam's favorite as she really likes this material best. We didn't have enough left over to make the whole bag out it, so we created the side panels out of the striped material:
Side and Back
And below, is the interior with all the appropriate compartments for sketchbooks, watercolor kits, camera, cellphone, camera, wallet and other necessities with (plenty of) room to spare.
Inside compartments (click to enlarge)
In case you're wondering why she's loud, it's because she dislikes the handles. They're a bit too girlie for her. She's loudly insisting we go find some other handles.

She's....I'm just glad to having something marked off the to-do list!

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29 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love it...that is one cool bag!! Those colors are so fun and inspiring. The compartments are handy. I hate having everything sliding around and getting ruined. I have amassed a huge stash of fabric but haven't embarked yet on the fabulous sewing projects I dream of. You are an inspiration, and this looks like a bag that will have many adventures!!

  2. Sam is crazy.. those handles make it. I love this purse. I love the two pattern materials that match up in colors. Tell Sam she did good but It's perfect as is!! :)

  3. This is so funky and fun! Be proud girl! So, Sam is your inner designer/seamstress? Send her up!

  4. Wow - beuatiful bag, and has everything!

  5. Thanks, Brenda! There are several "intriguing" patterns for bags out on the market right now....I seriously doubt if this will be Sam's last bag!

    Cris, Sam's smiling ear to ear (but I don't think she's convinced about those handles)!!

    Hey, Pam, Sam is my muse (alter ego). She and I often go in different directions, but she's smarter than me and usually wins!

    Thanks, Katherine!

  6. OMG she sews too. This is marvelous. Love the colors and all the compartments. I don't see anything wrong with the straps though. Have a great weekend.

  7. It's beautiful Laure (and Sam)! I love all the pockets and the handles!

  8. This is scrumptious, Laure! You're a woman of many talents. I'm sure Sam was the inspiration, but I'm also sure you did the heavy lifting.

  9. Nice,,...Sam. I love sewing, too, and this is a good project. It looks like it will get lots of good use and be the bearer of lots of creative endeavors.

  10. Oh Laure: !! Love your bag. My favorite colors and all the pockets inside. Reminds me of Vera Bradley bags. I have been a Vera Fan since they started. We used to carry them at our store when I was married.
    Love, Love love your beautiful bag.

  11. Oh this is a wonderful bag! So full of character and life!! I gotta say that I love the polka dot handles!!! They are so cool -- and the inside too!. Jealous of all the pockets/compartments. Wonderful job - you are super talented.

  12. Oh my gosh...this bag is drop dead delicious!!! I LOVE IT!!! The straps are what really makes the whole thing POP!!! Don't change a goodness, Sam is awesome!!!!! :)

  13. Wow! Scarlett O'Hara couldn't have done any better with her curtains. Very, very nice. I would buy one of these...

  14. Wonderful bag for any artist!


  15. Thank you, Lisa! Yes, she sews too!

    Thanks, Cheryl!

    Hey, KJ, it's certainly "eye candy!" (Sam I am!)

    Sue, I'm hoping it will serve as companion for lots of adventures!

    Thank you, Marthann!

    Thanks, Claire, I'm hoping those pockets are going to be a lifesaver.

    Thank you, Julie, Sam is quite pleased.

    LOL, Margaret, maybe Sam was channeling Scarlett! If I could find a cost effective way to make them, I might almost be tempted to try selling them!

    Thank you, Chris!!

  16. Wow, really nice bag! I think you and Sam should come over to my side of the creative tent! Beautiful job and well done.

    By the way, I really like "Mr. Fuzzy"! Unfortunately I couldn't think of anything witty because that's definitely not my forte! He could keep me warm throughout the holidays, cause he's sooo cute!!! Great job with him!

  17. Wow - now you'll REALLY be organized! I'm glad Sam got you moving on that bag, it turned out beautifully!

  18. This bag is terrific! Isn't it nice to design a bag that suits you personally? You did a really great job on it. It looks so perfect and crisp. Good girl!

  19. Like your tote and I'm diggin' your alter ego ... I told my hubby the other day I felt like sewing something since it has been awhile ... he said you can sew this patch on my shirt for me...aaah hello, that's not what I mean! LOL.

  20. Thanks, Myra, coming from you that means a lot!! Thanks for the comments on Mr. Fuzzy as well.

    I'd like to think so Elizabeth, but I'm not so sure. At least it's a step in the right direction!

    Thanks, Katie! It was fun!

    Thank you, Tiffany, I say ignore the hubby and let your inner seamstress out to play!! Mine things I've gone around the bin anyway with all the OTHER purses I have!

  21. That was suppose to say "Mine thinKs" not things!

  22. I love LOVE LOVE it!!! The colors and designs are fab!!! What size is it? Tell Sam to get away from my house with all her hints, I don't have time right now!!!

  23. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  24. Hey, Teri, it's about 11" T x 9.5" x 4" D. Most of the bags on the market are either too small or too big for me. So this was my answer!

    Hey, John, thanks for droping by! I'll check around to your blog shortly!

  25. ...very cool, Sam...Laure! I didn't know could sew too!! I love the fabric combos as well as the design.

  26. Fabulous bag and blog!

    I love the pockets and my perceived vision of all the stuff I could fit in there! Sam may well be onto a winner here, handles be damned!

  27. Thanks, Elva!

    Thank you, Kelly! Nothing like eye candy!!

    Thanks, Jeanette! LOL at the "handles be damned!" That's what I said after I realized the work involved to change them. They work. They're fine!

  28. The handles are great and so is the whole bag! So bright and handy. You did a terrific job with this.


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