A New Passion!!!

10:03 AM

Sometimes, you just know! And I just knew it would be this way.....

.....I LOVE making my own journals using a coptic stitch!! This was so fun to make! This was built using the Stonehenge papers that I talked about in this post. I used elastic cording for a closure and the button was just a very lucky find! You can see that I alternated the gray (putty) and white papers for interest. The overall size is about 6 x 6 inches (15.24 x 15.24 cm).

This journal has a dedicated purpose (hopefully) that will be revealed later. I want to test painting on the paper before I commit to its possible purpose so I'm sure you'll be hearing more about the paper in the future.

Now, for a trip in a totally different direction, I used Canson Edition watercolor paper (more here).....

....and the brightest material I had in my supply cabinet! (Not really. I have others that are as bright or brigher.) The pineapple art is a postage stamp that has been given a wax seal. The paper under the stamp is the same as the interior cover. Again, the size is about 6 x 6 inches (15.24 x 15.24 cm).

And I gotta tell you, Sam and I are hooked! Loved making these and can't wait to make more! For now though, we need to get busy filling them!

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23 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Gorgeous journals Laure! The first one is very elegant, and the second one is so much fun. I love them both - but I think I like the second one best (I love bright colors too). Can't wait to see what you fill them with now.

  2. These are gorgeous!!! I am so happy for your new obcession!!! LOLOL! Like you said...now comes the even more fun part...filling them up!!! Have a blast!

  3. These are great. I can attest to the making of them to be addictive. I Lisa am a book making addict. Ha.. Bravo for your efforts.

  4. Laure, these both turned out perfectly lovely! How did you attach the button and elastic cord? I love that idea!

  5. Aren't you the multi-talented girl? Beautiful journals...certain to inspire some lovely art.

  6. I am starting to love this time of the year... so many things seem possible all of a sudden. Just wanted you to know you're post is another spark towards the creative bonfire. :D

  7. Thanks, Cheryl! I think what will "decide" me is which paper I like best!

    Thank you, Julie! I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with both of these!

    Looks like I'll be attending those meetings with you, Lisa! (And this is your fault anyway!!)

    Hi, Vicky, using my awl, I punched two holes side by side into the cover and stitched the button on. The button is raised in the back (or this would not have worked). I then ran the elastic cording between the bottom of the button and above the cover and tied a knot. I glued the knot for security and then trimmed the ends. Once all was dry, I pulled the knot up next to the button so it could not be (easily) seen and pulled the cord around the outside and looped it over the button from the other direction. It sounds more complicated than it is. If this doesn't make any sense, shoot me an email!

    I'm hoping so, KJ!

    Oh, Lilah, I hope it adds to the fire! This is a perfect time of year for all sorts of new and wonderful things to begin!! Good luck!

  8. Makes perfect sense, now that you described it. Thanks!

  9. These are great. Now I am wishing I hadnt passed up some great colorful material at that last Garage sale.

  10. Laure, Love these. You make me want to go bind a book but I have homework for AJF.

    Would you mind telling what kind and weight board you used in your covers? I though light weight wood might be good for this type of a binding also.

    I know what you mean! When you know you know.

    Going to buy a new camera tomorrow so I can get back to class.

  11. Whew! Glad that made sense, Vicky!

    Cris, if you were meant to have that material, it would have been yours. Never ever suffer from yard sale remorse! Someone else may have needed it more, something was wrong with it, who knows....other than it wasn't meant to come live with you!

    Cathy, the board I used on two of the journals (the Pineapple and another one not shown) is Binder's Board by Lineco. It is .082" thick. It is also known as Davey Board. The black sketchbook is made from the backing board of a pad of Fabriano watercolor paper that I had used up. The board was just too nice to throw away and since it was next to the wc paper, I figured it was probably acid-free. Or at least buffered.

  12. Oh what fun! I love what you've put together. This can be yet another whole new direction for you! Exciting.

  13. Beautiful journals! Sam is on a roll! I love making these, too, but my Coptic binding NEVER looks that good. :)

    Do you look for acid-free boards for covers? I am still new to this and have been using leftover mat board and backing board, and even resorted to duct tape as a replacement for book binding tape...maybe I'll be sorry in the future (?)...

  14. I've used the Lineco. But what a great idea to use the backing board of the watercolor pad. I've been told they are acid free.

  15. Thanks, Claire! Not sure I need yet another direction to go in, but it would seem to be the case.

    Hey, Elizabeth, I "try" to use acid-free stuff because it is my understanding that it can effect the paper in the book. As my hubby says "Duct tape is magical," but I don't know enough about it to know if it would harm the papers. I'm a beginner to and as they say "ignorance is bliss!"

    Cathy, I had had that pad of paper for a while and nothing had happened to the paper so I felt comfortable using the board for bookbinding. It is also backed with acid-free paper so maybe that will help if it's not.

  16. These are gorgeous, Laure! I have been badly bitten by the book binding bug . . . now if I JUST had a little time!!! I can't wait to see how you fill these!

  17. Oh too funny! I had no idea you too were bit, Betty! It seems that I have plenty of company in this new passion!!

  18. Wonderful journals. I love handmade journals but have no desire whatsover to make them, which is too bad because I love the idea of using my favorite paper, and having a wonderful cover.

    I did order one made to my specifications, but the plain white cover waiting to be embellished has me afraid to use the thing for fear I will mess it up.. Oh the silliness.. I paid for the thing, what good is it doing me sitting on the shelf?

  19. Oh, Tyanne, you make me laugh! Unfortunately, I'm guilty of the very same thing!

  20. Very pretty journals. I have to admit to loving the bright colors of the one but sometimes I've made less bright ones. They all find a use or at least I hope they will. Sometimes I've made them before knowing I wouldn't love the paper so then it's a matter of finding a good medium to use to fill them or I can gift them to those who don't paint.

    I've never done a coptic stitch journal. I tend to like my spines covered. I should try it though just to see. Hmmm, I don't have a fancy all-watercolor paper journal yet.

  21. That "fancy all-watercolor paper journal" is what has lead me down this path in the first place, Timaree! I want to be able to choose my own papers.

    I have to say so far I'm loving it! As to covered spines....I like them, but I love the coptic stitch more. To each our own!

  22. I had to come back and drool over your journals! They are just so pretty!


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