And We're Back from the Tradeshow!

9:40 AM

Was that a weekend?! Dang! It flew by! I guess that's what happens when you're doing a tradeshow! As promised, here is a quick photo journey of our set up and the first day:

This is the booth as it appeared when we walked in with our stuff piled everywhere. 
First order of business was to get the sign up! (Love that sign!)
More signage going up! And a big, big thank you to my wonderful hubby for sticking in there with me and for helping to make this dream of Imaginary Trips come true! A second big, big thank you goes out to Kathy from Catching Happiness for being there with me on Friday and for doing such a terrific job of talking with folks about the classes! (Somehow, I totally missed getting a photo of her!)
This was the "suitcase surprise," and probably the funniest moment of the whole weekend....I had used this suitcase in a photo shoot a while back and when I was done, I threw the props into the suitcase. They included two pair of flashy evening shoes and a red lace bra—you can imagine the surprise when we opened that on the tradeshow floor! Luckily, no one else seemed to notice. 
And this is the final setup! The monitor in the middle played a presentation explaining what Imaginary Trips is all about as well as some clips for the class videos. My painting, No Place Like Home, is over on the left and we did a give away of a sketching kit over on the right. 
This was taken at the end of the day on Saturday. I'm really surprised we didn't look more tired than we we do—we were exhausted! 

More to come tomorrow!

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