And We're Back from the Tradeshow!

9:40 AM

Was that a weekend?! Dang! It flew by! I guess that's what happens when you're doing a tradeshow! As promised, here is a quick photo journey of our set up and the first day:

This is the booth as it appeared when we walked in with our stuff piled everywhere. 
First order of business was to get the sign up! (Love that sign!)
More signage going up! And a big, big thank you to my wonderful hubby for sticking in there with me and for helping to make this dream of Imaginary Trips come true! A second big, big thank you goes out to Kathy from Catching Happiness for being there with me on Friday and for doing such a terrific job of talking with folks about the classes! (Somehow, I totally missed getting a photo of her!)
This was the "suitcase surprise," and probably the funniest moment of the whole weekend....I had used this suitcase in a photo shoot a while back and when I was done, I threw the props into the suitcase. They included two pair of flashy evening shoes and a red lace bra—you can imagine the surprise when we opened that on the tradeshow floor! Luckily, no one else seemed to notice. 
And this is the final setup! The monitor in the middle played a presentation explaining what Imaginary Trips is all about as well as some clips for the class videos. My painting, No Place Like Home, is over on the left and we did a give away of a sketching kit over on the right. 
This was taken at the end of the day on Saturday. I'm really surprised we didn't look more tired than we we do—we were exhausted! 

More to come tomorrow!

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18 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You're welcome! Glad I could help out. (Too bad I missed the suitcase surprise...) Let's hope all your hours of preparation pay off with big dividends!

  2. Oh, what a WONDERFUL job you did, I hope you had dozens of people sign on! It looks fabulous. (And yeah, I loved the suitcase, too!)

  3. cool! I loved seeing your booth and all the work you and your hubby did to get it in order. It's a huge difference from start to finish. I hope you had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. Working a trade show is stressful and hard, but fun too! (haha....I laughed when I saw the shoes and bra--classic.)

  4. I love the 3-Dness of the sign! I hope it was a successful weekend for you. Was this your first show?

    Lol, you never know what will come up for painting on one of your trips but so far, a lacy bra hasn't come near to anything we've painted.

  5. Thanks again, KJ!

    Thank you, Ms. Kate! Time will tell whether the idea "took" with folks or not.

    Oh, Kelly, did we ever learn! It's all good and yes, it was definitely stressful and hard, but in the end, the right thing to do.

    Hey, Timaree, yes, this was Imaginary Trips big debut! (I've worked in tradeshows before, just never for my own company.)

    Ha! No, I didn't use the lacy bra as a class assignment....hmmm, that could be....interesting!! (It was/is for a competition painting—if I ever get back to painting for competitions again. Oops. Scratch that. WHEN I get back to painting for competitions! ;•)

  6. Oh, I can well appreciate the work that went into this! And loved the suitcase surprise! You should have put the shoes on the bra over your t-shirt - I bet it would have been a real attention getter! Hope it was a big success!

  7. What a super exciting milestone! It is so exciting to think about what you started a year ago (or the classes started just a year ago). I LOVE your classes and I've learned so much from you. I hope this just continues to grow and grow!

  8. Such fun. Love all on the table set up. Great job!

  9. Laure, sooooo fabulous, not to mention you and your hubby are darned cute even when tired!!!

  10. Darn! Wish I'd thought of that, Karen! I'm not so sure if it would have been noticed though as there were some interesting outfits there anyway!

    It has been exciting, and Claire, thanks for being a part of the dream!

    Thank you, Lynn!

    Thanks, Donna!

  11. Well done Ms. Laure! Looks like you handled things supberbly at your booth and I agree with Kathy, hopefully the "Dividends" will match the excitement!

    Regarding the interesting outfits, you know it's be said that we creative types tend to be a little eccentric...I would assume that covers dress too!

  12. Looked very professional and I hope you got some work/interest from it. Loved the photo of you two.

  13. Laure, this looks so good. Great job on the booth; very professional looking. It's always so exciting to do a show, but you are right, exhausting. It's nice that your DH helps you out. You look like you make a great team.
    Hope you sold lots of tickets for your trips!

  14. Way to go! I do hope your hard work and creativity pays off.

  15. Wonderful looking booth and couple! ;) Hope you are both recovered...Loved the suitcase story (chuckle)! Wish I could have stopped by, but it's great to see it virtually, too!

  16. I hope you gained a lot of business. Your set up looks great. Very inviting and informative. I like the photo of you and yours.

  17. your booth looked amazing and beautiful!!!! congratulations! i loved all the pics!

  18. What a really neat display and what a great hubby! You two looked so happy at the end, even though you were so exhausted! Congrats on a really neat trade show and what a great giveaway too!!!


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