She Did It!

10:48 AM

She is victorious!

She is joyous!

She is proud!

She is loud!

Front of bag with pocket
Sam has a new bag with all of the desired features!!

After several skirmishes, Sam decided it would be acceptable to make the bag out of scraps—from the curtain panels in the studio.....IF she could add a touch of "glam." Hence the beads across the top of the pocket where I stash keys and lipstick.

Back of bag

The back panel is Sam's favorite as she really likes this material best. We didn't have enough left over to make the whole bag out it, so we created the side panels out of the striped material:
Side and Back
And below, is the interior with all the appropriate compartments for sketchbooks, watercolor kits, camera, cellphone, camera, wallet and other necessities with (plenty of) room to spare.
Inside compartments (click to enlarge)
In case you're wondering why she's loud, it's because she dislikes the handles. They're a bit too girlie for her. She's loudly insisting we go find some other handles.

She's....I'm just glad to having something marked off the to-do list!

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