Autumnal Equinox!

5:56 AM

Yes! Finally! It is here. Officially. Autumn!!!

Autumn's Glorious Colors
Captured in a Watercolor Leaf
I think someone might have forgotten to tell Mother Nature as our temps are still hitting the 90's everyday. However, there is slightly less humidity and every once in a while one of those sweet, caressing breezes that just makes you slow down and breathe a little deeper!

The solstice has always been a great time to check in with my muse and goals to see how I'm doing. I know I've been all over the board this year with my goals and as you all know, my muse has been keeping me quite busy. (Love that girl!) I see some really "interesting" stuff in the works. I'm not sure which way it might to turn out yet. I just know with all the energy building, something exciting is bound to come out of all of it! (I'll share more when I know more. Right now, the Universe is being rather cryptic.)

Tonight will also be a Harvest Moon—a full moon on the Solstice! So with that in mind, I'm wishing you a beautiful, moonlight-dancing, soul-inspiring solstice!

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