Happy Autumn!

9:36 AM

Watercolor Sketch
from an Imaginary Visit Through Autumn 2010
5" x 5"
For some reason it always seems like Autumn starts in November. Perhaps it's because I live in Florida and that's usually when we begin to see a change in the weather. The humidity drops and a few trees begin to shed their leaves. Our big Maple trees are dropping their leaves early, without the usual color change. I think because of the drought we're in.

We had about a dozen trick-or-treaters last night. They're one of my highlights of the year as you never know what they'll say. One young gentleman was covered with "wounds"—gashes in his shirt and "blood" everywhere. When I commented that it look like he'd been beaten up, he informed me, "No, it's fake blood!"

Who knew?!! ;•)

Another young man (a psycho football player with an evil clown face) was quite pleased to see that I was going to drop a couple of Kit Kat bars in his bag. "Oooooooohhhhhh, I love Kit Kats!!!" he exclaimed. I heard him inform his Mom, "She gave me Kit Kats!!" Funny how something so simple can bring such pleasure.....a lesson in there for the rest of us?!

Two months to go before we close the books on 2010....I find myself looking at my goals, assessing the year, looking at whether I still have anything left that I need to focus in on and put some effort towards. How about you? Has your year shaped up as you envisioned in January?

Are you pleased with what you've accomplished and where you are, or are you like me and need to regroup and apply yourself to a couple of areas?

Now's the time!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. The perspective is very creative and the colors are beautiful! I am still trying to get a photo album done for my second daughter like I did for my first daughter when she graduated from high school. She graduated in 2009. Work in progress!

  2. Hey, Kit Kats make me happy, too!

    I can't believe it's November already. I haven't gotten accomplished all of what I planned to do, but overall it's been a good year. I'm going to make the last two months count and finish strong! (It would be good to make a list of our accomplishments through the year so that we remember them when the time comes to evaluate our progress. I think I tend to forget what I've actually done, and focus too much on what's left undone.)

  3. Oh this pumpkin is wonderful....lovely work ....it makes me want some pumpkin inspired food!!!

  4. Happy Autumn to you too Laure. Your pumpkin is gorgeous. The maple tree is the only tree still holding onto its leaves in our garden. It won't be long though and they too will be down. I am already trying to think of a word of encouragement to begin my year with. So much work needs to be done here.

  5. Good luck, Jacqueline! And kudos for staying with it and getting it finished!

    I think you're right, KJ, we do tend to focus on what we didn't get done and not count all that has been done.

    Thanks, Diana! I'm in the mood for some pumpkin pie, and spice cake, and apple fritters and, and, and,...LOL!

    There will always be work to be done, Lisa!

  6. I'm pretty much where I expected to be really. It's not that I didn't sign up for a couple of things I didn't get done but truly, I didn't expect to have to get them done when I signed up.

    My grandson (a 16 year old who is not mentally 16 yet) dressed up by attaching a huge paper star to his chest and walked around carrying a gun. Can you guess what he was? I couldn't but I laughed when I found out - he was a shooting star!

    Happy Autumn! We've cooled down quite a bit with today barely reaching 70 degrees!

  7. KUDOs to your grandson from my hubby and I—we both thought that was outstanding creativity! He may not mentally be 16 yet, but he sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. This is soooo yummy! Great slice of a pumpkin and love your type.

    It's looking a lot like autumn here too. Today is our first gray, cloudy day with a nip in the air. I may even get in the mood to bake!

  9. Thank you, Pam! We're having rain too! YAY!

  10. Well, unfortunately no, my year has certainly NOT turned out the way I thought it would on New Year's day, but I think I have handled it pretty well, considering. However, I have taken time to think about what I expect out of next year. But I have learned not to get too hopeful. Things don't always go the way you plan.

  11. Love the painting. Its Nov 2nd and we are having summer weather. I have been in T shirt and shorts for two days now. I am hoping for one more day. Its lovely. Who would have thought!? as for my goals this year. Kind of got wiped out with the health and surgery issue for both of us, but then we got it all taken care of so it's forward march from now on.


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