Things I Love About Autumn

5:45 AM

Handbook Watercolor Journal
8.5" x 3.5"
I love the Autumn season for the gifts it brings in the way of "fallen" treasures (leaves), glorious color and the cooler temperatures. I also love the way soup tastes once the weather cools off. My mom is the champion soup maker of all time (in my book)!!

One of my very favorite things is herbal teas. I get rather tired of drinking coffee all the time so I start mixing it up with various teas during the fall and winter. (Oddly, I don't care for tea in the spring and summer unless it's cool.) I don't particularly like strong coffee or tea. I think it's mostly for the warmth. And now it's also for the sketching possibilities!

I was looking around for something to put in my loooooong format sketchbook when my mother called to tell me she had some soup....if I wanted it. While on the phone with her, I started sketching the tea bag that I'd set aside. It proved to be rather fun and challenging. When I started sketching the bag, it was to kill time while on the phone. I didn't really intend to put it into the sketchbook, let alone paint it.

Since I'm sure I'll have plenty of "specimens" in the coming months, I see more of these on the pages to come!

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17 Creative Thought(s)

  1. What a wonderful page to celebrate what you love about autumn! Great teabag - it looks like I could just pick it off of the paper!

  2. Did you use tea to "paint" the tea bag? You really achieved the texture, see through quality, of the wet bag.

  3. Really a great job on the tea bag, as a tea drinker, you really caught that wonderful wet translucence of the paper and the teas within. I'm thankful, too, for all of the things on your list!

  4. That tea bag looks as comforting as soup sounds. We are soup eaters here too. Since it got cool we have already had Chili, lentil and chicken noodle soup. Tonights fare will be sweetpotato soup. Love your sketch.

  5. fabulous tea bag, Laure! And a difficult subject, too. I love this. Soup in the fall is definitely a fave.

  6. Thanks, Pam, I have to say I'm very intrigued with these little bags so there will probably be more!

    Hi, Shirley! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. No, I didn't use tea, but my husband suggested the same thing. We have a local artist from the Cuban community that uses all types of coffee to paint some of his paintings and they're really quite good!

    Thank you, Elizabeth!

    Sweet potato soup? Lisa, you'll have to send me the recipe! My SIL loves all things sweet potato!

    Thanks, Sue! We currently have two bowls of soup in the frig. I think one of the things I like most is that soup gets better tasting (to me anyway) after a day or so in the frig!

  7. A big, resounding YES to all of your Autumn pleasures. It's my favorite time of year, as it comes after the heat and humidity of a long summer. Your tea bag is great, too--it's so dimensional. The humblest of items can offer the most interesting of subjects.

  8. I have to agree with most of your autumn list too - and it's my favorite time of year as well. Your teabag is very well done - a very difficult subject (I tried one a long time ago and struggled with it - I may have to try again).

  9. As I sit here drinking my morning cup of green tea, I am amazed at how beautiful and delicate your tea bag is!

  10. Your tea bag looks so real! You did a great job with what started as a doodle. What a perfect item to go into a journal. I drink hot coffee and iced unsweetened tea all summer and then hot coffee and hot tea in fall and winter. I buy herbal teas but after a couple of cups I am back to strong Lipton tea. I should give a tea bag a try sometime!

  11. Oh my goodness... I could have writen this. I feel the same way. but I couldnt have painted the tea bag like you. :)Wonderful job.
    We make a lot of soup in the winter time. Love our fires and maybe I ought to try a tea bag or two to sketch. hmmm :))

  12. I love this! It looks so realistic! I drink only tea and I've seen LOTS of teabags. You got it, girl.
    I think I would be stumped as to what to put into a long format sketchbook.
    So glad the weather is cooling down for you.

  13. Thanks, KJ, I must admit I was rather surprised!

    Oh, Cheryl, do try again, I think your results will be TOTALLY different now!

    Why, thank you, Randi!

    Timaree, please do give it a shot! I think you'll be surprised!

    Come on, Cris, give it a go! You'll be surprised!

    Thank you, Katie! I thought I'd have more trouble with the journal too, but I have to admit, I love the size!

  14. Oh Boy! Painting a used tea bag. I love it! It has a wonderful warmth to it.

    But I brew my tea with loose tea leaves. Now there is a challenge to paint! Maybe I'll paint my teapot instead. It has quite a history.

  15. Oh yes, love all the comfort foods of Autumn! Even the comfort "things" like sweaters, blankets on the couch, firepit in the backyard.... love everything except the cold!

  16. Sometimes the simplest things can turn our so charming and pull on your heart strings. This makes me remember different times having tea with my mom. Very nice effect painting the tea bag!

  17. This looks like such a difficult thing to done good, girlfriend! LOLOL!


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