To Background or Not, That is the Question!?!

7:47 PM

Okay, bloggie buds and budettes, I need some input from all of you! I've been working on some more material on backgrounds and most of it is quite lengthy as backgrounds are not simple nor quickly explained. Perhaps some of it could be boring. So I'm going to let you decide whether you would like for me to continue to post the background series. Or not. Either way, it won't hurt my feelings. I have no wish to bore you to death with something you simply have no interest in.

So let's hear it - yay or nay! If you would care to comment about the current direction or a direction you would like to see the series take, please share it! If there are no comments, I will assume from the silence that there is not sufficient interest in the series and cease posting it. If there are several comments, majority will rule. Let me reiterate, you will not hurt or harm my feelings either way, so please share your opinion!

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