Bright Beginnings

8:39 PM

Bright Beginnings
© Laure Ferlita
Original Watercolor
4.625" x 6.625" (11.75 cm x 16.83 cm)
2009, All Rights Reserved

Here is our lovely rosebud getting ready to open to her full brilliance under the sun's warm and caressing rays! This has been one of those paintings that practically painted itself and it was such joy to be part of the process! No fights, no struggles, no "oh, no, I've ruined it!" thoughts, just the fun and joy of watching it emerge from the paper.

I almost feel like a sculptor sometimes when I watch a piece take shape out of the whiteness of the paper. I also think I've really been missing my time in the studio due to all the computer work I've been doing lately. Can you tell?! With any luck I'll have more time to paint tomorrow and I am soooooo looking forward to it!

UPDATE: This painting is has sold. Thank you!

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