109 Degrees in the Shade!

5:40 PM

That's what AccuWeather said the "feels-like" temperature was and it did! I think it was actually about 93º with little breeze to stir the air. But despite the intense heat with only the slightest of breezes, I did get in a little plein air time this weekend!!

201 S. Evers Street
Original Watercolor by Laure Ferlita
© All Rights Reserved
5" x 7"

This is 201 S. Evers Street in Plant City, Florida. Chris and I went and spent the day antiquing in Plant City on Saturday, and found some fun stuff to bring home - just what we needed! More stuff! The old downtown area is a maze of antiques, boutiques, restaurants and the like all nestled around some parks and the old train depot.

I managed to talk Chris into going back today so that I could get in some sketching. I had about 50 minutes before the weather started to really get serious with thunderstorms moving in. Since I'm not a huge fan of lightning, we left and it wasn't but ten minutes later and the rain started to pour.

This is the start of a new watercolor paper sketchbook that I can't say I'm overly fond of - yet. It may grow on me. I need to do more work in it first. I also didn't have the right tools for painting bricks but decided to go for it any way. When I got home, I finished the sketch at the kitchen table with the same tools that I started with. Why? To make sure that I didn't lose the feel of the piece by swapping out tools in the middle and getting a different effect. Just call me glutton for punishment!

Regardless of all the weather issues, ant bites, lightning and wrong tools, this was a blast and I'll be going back to do some more sketching in Plant City very soon! Care to join me?!!

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