Slow Down, Already!!

2:24 PM

The insanity of the holidays is already upon the Ferlita household! A couple of years ago, we did a yard sale in December...because of a myriad of crazy happenings, life snowballed and I was putting ornaments on my tree on Christmas Eve—with a party started that evening at 7! It was NUTS!

Last year, we decided to overhaul both December....sheer nuttiness, but I had no one to blame as I went into it willingly. Everything was fine until 4 days before Christmas and we found out that we would be hosting the annual Christmas Eve family party because of an illness in another part of the family! EEEEEEEK!

And well, silly me, I thought this year would be calmer as I thought we had learned our lesson, but no, 'tis not to be. Our neighborhood is doing a community yard sale this coming weekend....and yes, we're going to be joining in. Go ahead. Shake your head. I'm shaking my head, rolling my eyes and sighing, too!

Oh, and the Clever Christmas eClass also started today! Yay!

I'm telling you all this as my way of telling you that I haven't been getting much art done....doesn't look like I'll be getting much done either. But I don't want the blog to go silent! So we're going to have a guest artist this week! I'm going to share with you a card that my sweet hubby and I put together for a friend that moved from Florida to Chicago! Chris did the design, I added the watercolor and writing.

We tried to convince him that moving to Chicago (in November, no less) was crazy, but he went anyway.....

...I hope he's enjoying it!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Of COURSE he's enjoying it!! It's too funny - I literally was LOL.

  2. Love it! You and Chris together are a mighty creative team.

    Good luck with the yard sale and new class. Your life just wouldn't seem "normal" without all these things happening at once!

  3. What a funny card! I'm sure he enjoyed it and is now sorry he didn't listen to the wise advice you tried to give!

    I think its a requirement that we overload ourselves in December. It wouldn't feel right to just have a peaceful, calm time!

  4.'s 17 degrees today. Rick and I were just talking about how this is more like Jan or Feb weather. I think I need that trip sooner than expected!

    Cute little guy...funny narration!

  5. Great card!! I'm sure he'll enjoy :)
    We have a windchill of 36 degrees here in the SC lowcountry!!! Not ready for this! I'm still not thawed from this afternoon's dog walk!

  6. Such a cute card! So personal yet so you. I totally love Boomer and the Ball! I simply love your art, Laure.

  7. I am absolutely ROTFLOL!!!!!!! Love that card. Maybe you should sell the design!!

  8. Chuckle... chuckle... that is priceless. How fun for you to collaborate with your husband! ;-)

  9. I feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth this year with the grands living here...I don't have time for anything...but we got the tree up early and outside lights a few nights ago...I am saying no to everything else...I know how that goes.....

    Have a wonderful Christmastime!!!

    Oh, your squirrel card is adorable!!!!!

    xoxo- Julie

  10. I love your Christmas header, Laure - so cute! Your friend's card too - funny ones are the best. Even when you're super busy you're an inspiration to the rest of us. Just make sure you don't over-stress yourself. {{}}

  11. Love the art on this one... and the witty wording! :-)


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