Christmas Magic

7:59 AM

The attic door swung wide and free,
And box by box, we began to see,
Some lights, some tinsel, maybe even a tree!
Christmas was finally here, weaving its magic all through the house!
Everywhere you looked, creatures were stirring, and not one, a mouse!


We spotted a huge tree free-grazing in the back 40 of the attic—it was so majestic! The Tree Wrangler lassoed the huge beast and it went wild! It bucked! It fought! And at long last, our heroic wrangler subdued and tamed that tree so that he could ride it around the living room floor!
Tucker, The Tree Wrangler
Once the tree had been subdued, Tucker wandered off for a snack, satisfied with a job well done.

Meanwhile, for the Light Master, work had just begun.....
Joey, The Light Master
Lights. They were everywhere in knots and piles. The Light Master looked at us with reproach for allowing the lights to become tangled. We tried to explain to him that they did this on their own. Eleven months in the attic, by themselves, is a long time and they sometimes got bored. He wasn't buying.

Joey knew the key to untangling the lights was to keep calm and breathe deep. To approach the lights with an attitude and knowledge that they wanted to become linear and straight.....

Post Script: A huge thank you to our guest artist, Chris, for sharing his wonderfully quirky artwork with us all last week! Chris assures me that he and Boomer will return from time to time.

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Cute post, Laure. We put our tree up this weekend and helped someone else decorate theirs as well. It was a productive if tiring weekend. I always know I'll enjoy that the holiday things all over once they're out!

  2. Enjoyed the post. Do the cats play with the ornaments when they are on the tree?

  3. A cat play with round, sparkly, glittery things bobbing on a branch? What makes you ask???

    Oh yes, they definitely play with the ornaments! Years ago, we learned to put only plastic ornaments on the bottom 3 feet of the tree. That way, they could play and we didn't have to scold anybody!

    P.S. When we have a kitten or young cat in the house, we'd have to wire some of the ornaments on the tree or they would strip it for "toys" to play with! We also put stickers on our packages as they like to remove the tags and bows from anything under the tree!

  4. Sue, I know I'll feel better once things are up...having a bit of difficulty getting into the swing of things this year. Hopefully, having the tree up will help! Wanna come and help decorate mine?!

  5. It is that time of year. Dealing with the dust in our attic makes me sneeze! We enjoyed our family tradition of driving up as far as we could into the mountain snow. Then we enjoyed a big bonfire, hot toddies, little kids throwing snowballs, then exploring the woods for that most wonderful xmas tree.

  6. I have the same allergy to dust, Jacqueline! Your tradition sounds ABSOLUTELY wonderful!!

  7. Love the photos of your furry little helpers. I'm sure they made all the difference...

  8. This would make the cutest childrens book!!! Very cute, adorable story!!! Sugar kitties there, I see!!! Happy Christmas to you and your family, Laure!

  9. Your post made me laugh! Your kittys are so cute.

  10. You all are having so much fun I am jus twitting here smiling and giggling at those beautiful cats.

  11. Beautiful cats, Laure - you write as well as you paint! Our tree will go up this coming weekend. x


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