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7:19 AM

The conversations in our household often revolve around art as well as the ideas or concepts behind the art. Chris and I differ wildly on our views and thoughts around art as I think you'll see for the art below.

Up for recent discussion and debate was how Boomer came to be nicknamed Boomer (click link for more on Boomer). I chose not to reveal that piece of information, and that left the door wide open for Chris' imagination!

© Chris Ferlita
"How Boomer Got His Name!"
And, before you ask, NO! This is not how Boomer came to be called Boomer!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. HA! I'm glad to hear that's NOT how Boomer got his name...

  2. Haaaa--I was going to ask if you or Chris created this version of the Boom-ster, and then I saw the credit there. Too funny.

  3. Husbands are a whole different species, aren't they! >;-D

    I LOVE it, anyway!

  4. Lol, it's a cute cartoon but I am glad that's not how Boomer got his name. That is definitely male humor!

  5. Hi Laurie
    I got caught up on some of your posts. Boomer is adorable! Wish I had seen it when you first posted it.
    Tell Chris his art is great also. What an adorable couple you are. <3

  6. Typical Male.. you gotta love em! lol He IS very good at this.

  7. Hahaha! Boys and their humor...

  8. I laughed. I can't help it as I live in a testosterone-rich home.

  9. No worries, KJ, Boomer's slightly more sophisticated than that!

    Thanks, Sue! Boom-ster is right!

    Yes, Kate, they most certainly are!

    Thanks, Teri!

    Not to worry, Timaree, this is just a hubby gone wild!

    Thanks, Toni! Boomer was one of those really fun pieces to do!

    Yes, Cris, you gotta love 'em or you'll wind up doing something you regret!!

    That's exactly what it is, Kelly, "boy humor!" ;•)

    Donna, it is funny, but more so in a testosterone-rich environment, I'm sure!


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