May Your Stockings Overflow!

4:39 PM

Watercolor and Ink
3 x 8 inches
Scrap paper
As Christmas relentlessly marches towards us, the cleaning/decorating fury is at full throttle here at the Ferlita household. With this type of manic activity, there are always a few hysterical, umm, hilarious moments that have the potential to become long-lasting memories. Or blackmail material. Either works.

The stocking sketch was inspired by some of the recent antics of our feline family. Though they have no clue what all the ruckus is about, the cats still think it's pretty cool that suddenly, there's an indoor tree with all kinds of dingly, dangly doodads, and twinkly bobs! And they're all "paw" sized!

So as the fun gears up, I want to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones stocking overflowing with blessings, however you may celebrate the season. I hope you find your stockings filled with delight, fun, happiness, health, hope, ideas, joy, gratitude, creativity, inspiration, kindness, love, a wonderful surprise (or three!), a dream-come-true or the courage to begin the journey towards the dream, and safe travels for those of you on the roads or in the air.

May you be blessed this season with your favorite things!

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