Glancing Back, Gazing Forward

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I've been working on my end-of-year review and before I started it, I was a bit....disappointed in the year. I had expected fireworks, fanfare, parades, and all manner of festivities. After all, the last half of 2009 had been filled with all of that and more. I'm not sure what made me think it would be more of the same, but I did.

As I did my review I found (to my surprise and amazement) that I had accomplished far more than I realized:

  • Studio overhaul including new floors, closet doors, trim, and total re-org of supplies
  • Six brand new classes
  • New video camera and sound equipment
  • New Recording Studio
  • Re-videoing of three existing classes
  • Three pieces of original art sold
  • Art published in an Artist Journals book by Kate Johnson
  • Imaginary Trips' first tradeshow
  • Business Trip to New Orleans

And these are just some of the accomplishments. There was a lot of un-inspiring, but oh, so, necessary processes and systems being created and finessed in the background to give my life and classes structure. Changes in vendors and products that made things run more smoothly.

Looking at the list, I wondered why I had considered the year a disappointment.....I had failed to do monthly reviews. I used to do weekly reviews and when that got to be a bit much, I switched to monthly. Apparently I switched those off as well because I didn't even realize I'd let those slide. Oops.

As thrilled as I am with what I accomplished, I also recognized some areas where I really dropped the ball. Mainly in painting for competitions and shows. I had allowed Imaginary Trips to eclipse everything. Part of this was the learning curve we go through with any new adventure and part of it was (is) time management. Or lack thereof.

As I said in yesterday's post, I'm going to ask for your help in keeping me on task. Creating a time management system that allows me to teach classes AS WELL AS paint outside of classes is the first goal I will be tackling in 2011. I am also committing to painting a minimum of 4 competition paintings in 2011. Preferably one per quarter. The paintings will be larger than a half sheet of watercolor paper up to a full sheet. I intend to post updates of the paintings in progress on the blog.

How can you help? Ask me how the painting is going. Ask when you're going to get to see an update. In other words, hold me to my goal! My s-t-r-e-t-c-h goal is 6 competition paintings in 2011. I know with all the sketch paintings I do in classes, my speed has improved tremendously. Will I get in six? There's only one way to find out!

The other thing I've done is set up an electronic reminder in my calendar to remind me about doing a month end review EACH month so that I have a better grasp on what's being accomplished and what's sliding. Keeping my finger on the pulse of my life is an absolute necessity for me to accomplish all my grand dreams for 2011!

Now, what about you? Did you do a year end review? What about a word-of-the-year review? Any goals set for 2011 yet? Talk to me! Tell me!

P.S. Note the title of this post...I do believe in doing a year-end review, but I'm not going to worry about lost energy, time or opportunities. Instead, I'm putting my focus on the days to come.

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  3. Laure, I commit to send you a monthly comment or email to ask about your painting, since this is something I want to work on, too.

    After your previous post, I did a mini-review, as well... and I was thinking that I hadn't accomplished much, but frankly, I did a whole BUNCH of stuff. A year ago I would've been gobsmacked, I'm sure.

    You are such a wonderful artist... as well as a great teacher, writer and coach.



  4. Thank you, Donna! Now, how can I help you with your goals?!

  5. are a little whirlwind of energy and inspiration for lots and lots of artists. You've definitely helped me reach my goals (I just finished painting 99!). I love your ability to plan and analyze. I can't wait to see some of your competition pieces, and I know I'll be in a few of your classes!

  6. Hi, Laure--I enjoyed reading this post very much. I knew you had accomplished more than you thought, but I think it's great that you figured out why you didn't realize how much you'd done (lack of monthly reviews). I think a monthly review is something I will add to my life. I look forward to seeing the competition paintings taking shape, and you KNOW I'll be asking about them. I also love the attitude of glancing back and gazing forward. Really an excellent and thought-provoking post--thank you!

  7. This is such a great idea! Good for you, girl.

    I know I won't, because I don't do well with goals (I feel trapped), I'm more a serendipity type...gotta be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But I clearly recognize the value...I'll look forward to seeing your progress, with the paintings and everything!

  8. Laure, congratulations on all you accomplished! Amazing. I wish you all the best in meeting this year's goals, too.

    I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with--Happy New Year!!

  9. When you added them up you did do a lot. I will keep track here for sure to see how you do with your new goals and gently remind you too.

  10. OOoooo this is a scary thought...doing such large paintings. I will do two. If I do more it will be a stretch. Now I have said it. I am still scared. I like this scary feeling though. I like the way you make me think.

  11. I kept a journal of projects as I finished them for almost 2 years - until I found the internet. By putting finished or at least well worked on projects in the book I had a record of what I accomplished rather than a book of dreams that never made it to reality. I found I did quite a bit actually and now that I am not keeping it up I am back to feeling like I am not doing much. So...

    ...I'll keep checking in to see how your progress goes! Happy and Productive New Year!

  12. Looking back and looking forward ... gee I hadn't thought of that on my own, but I think it is a great idea. In 2010 it was more challenging for me to find time and energy to devote to my art due to normal responsibilities and added responsibilities of caring for an aging family member. However, I must be grateful for the time that I did have and what I was able to do. I just checked and found that I put up 62 posts on my blog for 2010. It may not have been as many as the prior year, but it was more than once a week. Also, I really enjoyed and learned from 6 online classes that I took from you -- definitely a high point of the year!

    I like the idea of supporting one another with our goals. I will plan to ask you about your goals throughout the 2011 year and I don't mind if you ask me as well.

    Thanks for the prod on this!!!

  13. One thing you didn't add to your list of accomplishments is that you inspired others (like me!) with your classes, blog posts, and painting!

    Happy new year, Laure, I know you will keep on MOVING!!! :-)


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