All Dress Up And No Where To Go?

11:54 AM

Santa Chickadee in Grey Ink
Scrap Paper Sketchbook
Parties, festivities, out and about shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping, celebrating, family and friends dropping by.....and then, done. Over. The week between Christmas and New Year's has always seemed a bit like suspended time to me.  Like we're collectively holding our breath, waiting for something to happen. Like for the new year to begin.

This morning, I felt like our little chickadee, all dressed up, engine idling, and no idea where I was going or what I was suppose to be doing. Out. Of. Sorts. So I do what I always do when I feel this way. I made a to-do list (that's longer than my arm.)

That certainly didn't motivate me. But I didn't/don't want to waste this day or the week....., I chose two things off my list. I gave myself an hour for each. One was simply cleaning up and putting away some of the extras from the party we hosted and the other was time in my studio to do whatever I wanted—create, clean, paint, scheme, dream, putter, read, etc.

I chose those specific items because I knew they would help to motivate me and because I knew both were guaranteed to make me feel better. Less clutter is always a good thing and my studio is my haven. It makes me happy to spend time there no matter what and I haven't made much time to go in the studio in the last 10 days.

Once I have lunch, I'll pick two more things and set a timeframe in which to work on them. I think one of them is going to be a year-end review of 2010. I'm also going to work on my word-of-the-year for 2011. And who knows, I might even throw out the last of those "sugar bombs" so that I can start to regain my energy!

What are you doing in this week of suspended time?

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