Boomer's Buddy

10:03 AM

Here is the second in the Boomer Series. This is Seth, Boomer's best buddy and he's let love get the best of him...

"The Price of Love"
© Laure Ferlita
4.5" x 6" (11.42 cm x 15.24 cm)
Watercolor and gouache on paper
"Seth sat shivering, despite the bright warm starlight. Try as he might, he could not figure out how he came to be dressed up like a reindeer in the village play! The last thing he remembered (clearly) was waiting for Boomer at the edge of Hemlock Hollow when that cutie pie, Clarissa, flew up next to him on the branch. From there, things got kinda fuzzy. It seemed his brain ceased normal functions whenever she was too near.

The next thing Seth could vaguely recall was nodding his head yes like some wooden toy. He wished she wouldn't look up at him like that when she was so close—sometimes, he even forgot to breathe! Besides, who had ever heard of a reindeer with a red nose, anyway? Besides Clarissa, he wondered.

And oh, how Seth dreaded Boomer showing up...where was he anyway? Seth hadn't let Boomer live down last summer's escapades, and Seth knew full well he was never going to hear the end of this. The words "village idiot" were about to take on a whole new meaning....."

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$45.00 USD
    5.95 Priority Shipping in the US. If you are outside of the US, I'll see how quickly I can get it to you for the same amount of money.

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Absolutely too cute. Maybe Boomer should stay away from the berries this time of year. They may have fermented into gin.

  2. Gorgeous!I love both, the story and the painting!

  3. Thanks for the laugh! You are having fun! I hope a book is in the wind!

  4. Totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cute picture and cute story. Very creative.

  6. Absolutely adorable. Give the little guy a warm home! Great story too!

  7. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. Way too cute for words!

  8. Thank you, Lisa!

    Thanks, Suzanne!

    No book, Pam, but thank you!

    Thank you, Teri!

    Thanks, Cris!

    Thank you, Timaree!

    Thanks, Jacqueline!

    Excellent, Beth, so glad he brought a smile and laugh to you!

    Thank you, Grace!

  9. Poor little guy. You can just see his puzzlement at how he ended up with his reindeer accessories!

  10. ...Seth is so cute, and I love the story. You are way to creative for this busy time of year. I think the Christmas magic must be inspiring you!!! I'm totally jealous. (my word verification is "bless" -- pretty appropriate for the season!).


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