It's Good to Get Lost Sometimes....

6:41 PM the details, that is!

Watercolor Sketch 
5 x 7 inches

I had the opportunity to help a friend out the last few days. This required getting up and out of the house before the sun came up to go to a horse paddock 30 minutes from home. There, down a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, by the horse paddock, was a cow posture. And on some of the posts, were all manner of birdhouses!

And since you know I've been on a birdhouse kick, nothing would do but to add this one to the "series," if these little sketches can be dignified with such a serious title. This sketch in particular was about slowing down and savoring the morning's gifts of coolness, soft light, peaceful birdsong, a quietness that bordered on an almost tangible pause....serenity. A chance to breathe deep.  

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23 Creative Thought(s)

  1. A great subject. I like your series of birdhouses. They deserve the title.

  2. When I was out on my nature walk the other day, there were a few of these bird houses in the park where I walked...and you have put down on paper what I saw! so does that mean that now I don't have to? lol

    your work is beautiful!

    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. That is an incredible birdhouse, Laure, and I saw the original. I love the texture of it. A lovely souvenir from a lovely morning.

  4. I am enjoying the series, too, Laure--glad you found serenity in it, too--that's always a plus! Great textures.

  5. JUST what you needed...beautiful job...

  6. Wow, it is beautiful and I love the composition with the writing on the side.
    What color did you use for the post and birdhouse?

  7. I think it is a good series! This one is so different than the white ones. It really adds to the collection. Very nice.

    That quiet you experienced is our norm. That's the best part of where I live! We don't have the green pastures you describe though.

  8. Fabulous sketch Laure. And yes, I think your sketches deserve to be called a series.

    And what a good friend you've been to Kathy - her video turned out great.

  9. Laure, I love it. Nothing better than slowing down and serenity. Glad you were able to have some of both.
    Here to only the best for you friend.

  10. Timaree, it used to be our norm too, but civilization has found us!

    Thanks, Cheryl! Glad you like Kathy's video!

    Thank you, Martha! It's what the "doctor' ordered!

  11. very well it and can imagine many bird families moving in and nesting there.

  12. This is a charming birdhouse and painting. Love how you do them. You get so much detail in your watercolors.

  13. How sweet you were to help out Kathy! Beautiful sketch, too, one to add to your growing birdhouse sketch collection!

  14. My apologies to those of you I did not respond to—actually, I did but it would seem the comment didn't take because it's not here! So one more time:

    Thank you, Lisa!

    Thanks for stopping by, Carmelina! I'm not so sure it works that way!

    Thank you, KJ!

    Thanks, Sue, hope you're doing well!

    Thank you Ms. Kate, and you're right it was JUST what I needed!

    Teri, that is mostly palette mud! There is ultramarine blue, undersea green, b. umber, sienna, sap green, mineral violet, burnt orange, indian red, neutral tint and who knows what else!

    Thank you, Lynn!

    Thanks, Cris! Sometimes I get a little too much detail in there.

    Thank you, Krista!

  15. Interesting you should say your comment wasn't there. You commented on my blog yesterday and it came to my email address but when I went to my blog it wasn't there. but then this morning there it was. Very strange.. Must be blogger's doing.

  16. Thanks, Cris, my husband was fussing at me for not telling Teri what colors I used and I told him I did! He kept saying it wasn't there. So I checked and it wasn't! Oops!!

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only have goofiness with these comments!

  17. I love this... the painting is beautiful and so are the comments about your morning. Sounds so "aaaaahh" !

  18. Aww, this is so cute. I love birdhouses and this one is just right. It looks like a bluebird box.

  19. Don't you just love those priceless morning finds :)
    Nicely done!

  20. the texture is magical! i just want to touch this and feel the wood grain.

  21. It was a wonderful morning, T!

    Katie, it didn't have residents so I'm not sure.

    Yes, Pam, this was a wonderful "find!"

    Thanks, Randi!

  22. Your paintings make me smile. So Nice.

  23. Hi, Angela, thanks for stopping by! Glad to know they bring a smile - that's a lot of why I paint!


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