And Thy Name Shall Be..........Comfort!

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Had some time to kill this morning, so I decided a good place for killing it would be in Target. I had to get some cat food anyway. Other than the cat food, I didn't "need" anything, so I wandered throughout the store. Dangerous activity. Amazing all the "stuff" you find that you suddenly need, but I digress....

I went through the little bargain bin area at the front....and escaped with nothing in hand! A rarity for me. Then I spotted the handbags and given our recent discussions, thought I'd check out the latest offerings. I consider Target to be slightly more fashion forward than say, Walmart, as they usually do a decent job of knocking off designer brands, following the trends and carrying goods in the latest colors of the season. And this is where things started getting dicey.....

You see, they had some really cute little handbags–in lime, hot pink and salmon. Fifteen bucks. Not bad. But try as I might I could not find a good reason to buy one of those little bags that were just as cute as could be. Because they'd clash with my closest? No. Over 70% of my closet IS lime, hot pink and salmon! I live in Florida. That's about all we wear down here! Well, truth to tell, they had way too many tucks, buttons, snaps and zips. Not to mention I couldn't get my sketchbook into one if I'd wanted to. Feeling a little discomfort, I moved on to the shoes.....

Once up a time, if shoes were cute and in my size, they were mine! The cute factor was top priority. This morning, I found a pair of really cute sandals. They were lime green with a big pink daisy in the middle with a jeweled ladybug on one flower.....and miserably uncomfortable. Back onto the shelf they went. Next, I saw a pair of espadrilles. They were red with a reasonable heel on them, reasonable meaning they were not 3" high. One of the straps cut into my little toes. Nope. Back on the shelf. Beginning to grumble, I wander on....

Back around in the clothes department, I spotted some capris. I love capris. I wear them just about all the time. (Again, this is Florida. Far better to wear capris than a pair of shorts that should not be worn outside of the house.) They were advertised as having a "comfort" waist. Hmmm, figured that meant they were for apple-shaped people. I tried them on. The waist was fine (being of the apple persuasion myself), but the legs were made for a stick figure! I mean come on, if we need a comfort waist don't you think chances are good we're going to need "comfort" legs as well?!!!

Feeling more than a little disgruntled, I found a bag of cat food and decided to get out of there. Reviewing the experience, I've come to the conclusion that cuteness, sass, fashion forwardness and trendy have gone the way of some other things I've notice missing here lately–like my memory, my ability to multitask, my waist.......

P.S. The title a play on words of a recent title of a post by KJ!

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh you made me smile, Laure. Too funny! I must say however - being of the pear-persuasion myself - that the tale of the capris was truly shocking. An injustice, really.

    I find I'm not attracted to "things" as much as I used to be ... but re art supplies, books, magazines et al ... watch out!

  2. I'm finding the same thing - the clothes, purses, shoes and whatnot do not hold the same charm as they once did, but art supplies....I hear their siren call and I must obey!!!!

  3. oh my gosh... that was hilariious! getting old sucks... i'm still a slave to fashion, but agree that comfort now comes first. i went to the mall on saturday to buy a specific pair of cheetah flats and they were so uncomfortable, i said forget it! art supplies are much more meaningful these days. although... there IS a pair of sunglasses i have been eyeing... lol...

  4. SOOOO true!! I love to get at least a little something that is "fashionable," but comfort rules the decisions!!

  5. Well, comfort is a nicer name than procrastination...

    I know exactly what you mean about comfort trumping fashion--I was in Target myself today (rats--I missed you there), and while the purses and sandals were tempting (yes, I looked at both of those sections), I didn't find anything I had to have. Managed to get out of there with some greeting cards, sale macaroni and cheese and a pair of workout shorts to replace a current pair with a hole in the seat.

  6. Haha! ...hmmmm...lately the height of my fashion statement declares that "Life is Good!" I have so many shirts with that little guy wearing the beanie hat it's not funny. Oh well....they're really comfortable and soft (and stretchy!).

  7. Comfort comes first to me as well - heck, I wear Birkenstocks! Not exactly a fashion statement, but my feet love me for them.

  8. When comfort rules over fashion you know what that means.... we've grown smarter!!! :-)

  9. Hahaaa! I often see things that appeal to me, but then I remember my age, and think...okay--maybe 30 years ago I could wear that. Comfort is important. Cute story.


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