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When you least expect it, look what shows up in the mail!!! This award is from Myra, of Simple Inspirations! Myra is the consummate seamstress, an organizational guru, and an office diva! How do I know all these things? Myra and I worked together for a number of years and she was always running rings around just about everyone there with her efficiency, capabilities and a killer 1000 watt smile! You owe yourself the treat of visiting her blog to see all the adorable creations she sews! Thanks for the award, Myra!

I'm suppose to share ten things about myself....but I have no idea what they would be as I've done this before....okay, let's see....I love to travel and will hopefully be going to Paris and England soon.....I've been to Alaska and I'll be going back there......I've been to Seattle and I'll be going back there too.....I habitually misplace things and spend an inordinate amount of time searching for them.....I'm a clutter bug and I suffer from the "piling syndrome".....I have recently discovered sudoku and find that I really like the challenge.....I've been married to the same wonderful man for nearly 20 years.....we met in an art store....I don't like fingernail polish—on me! I think it looks great on other people.....I love to eat breakfast out because it always reminds me of being on vacation (which is about the only time we eat breakfast out!)

Okay, if you made it through that nonsense, let me recommend some great blogs to  check out:

Kathy of Catching Happiness: Her blog is a positive place to visit as she's very upbeat and does a great job of catching happiness herself! She has recently entered a competition to go to the World Equine Games held in Lexington, Kentucky this year, as a Purina Blog-ospondent. Check out the cool video we created for the entry!

Lisa of Artsy Endeavors: This woman has a green thumb, a heart of gold and a very artistic flair! She has two blogs, one to cover the art and one to cover the green and growing stuff!

Teri of Teri's Painted Daisies: A lot of you know this woman as she is everywhere on the web or so it seems! She's also a very prolific artist that comes up with some of the cutest ideas for art of anyone I know!

Martha of Marthann's Musings: She's retired, but you'd never know it as she's always on the go and finds time for art too!!

And I'm out of time! Chris just said it's time to get breakfast so this is my list. Enjoy and thanks, Myra!!

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Laure, you are so very special. Thank you so very much. I will share the compliments and support with some others.

  2. Thanks so much Laure. Very special coming from you. I guess that makes me Ubiquitous Teri. haha.
    I know and agree with the other bloggers but need to go visit your awarder and one other.

  3. Thank you, Laure! I will check out the blogs you mentioned that I don't already visit. One of my favorite things in Blogdom is "meeting" the other inhabitants. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

  4. Congratulations! and continue lighting our days with your art and inspiration!!

  5. I don't get to eat breakfast out very often either. My husband feels like we (meaning I of course) make it better ourselves. Yes but I don't want to do the cooking or the dishes. I'd rather be doing art of some kind!

  6. Congrats on your blog award, enjoyed learning a few tidbits about you! Thanks for some of your blog recommendations. I LOVE your zentangle from the previous post!

  7. Congrats on the award! Enjoyed reading your 10 things... haven't tried Sudoku yet.....


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