Blue Funk

4:56 PM

Watercolor (painted directly with no ink or pencil)
in Moleskine, 3.5 x 5.5 inches 

When things are bugging me intensely on a deeply, personal level, I find it helps to paint something to represent the "bug." This adorable blue teapot had the unfortunate luck of being in my line of sight when I was searching for a "blue object" and so became the holder for the aforementioned "bug."

Perhaps the blue funk bug will tire itself out trying to find a way out of the pot.

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh Laure, my thoughts are with you. I know all about "blue funks" Hang in there, and I hope whatever is causing this resolves itself. You are wonderful, always remember that.

  2. I hate the blue funk! Whenever it visits me, I find taking a walk helps. Hope yours passes soon.
    But I love your blue teapot. Good receptacle for funks of all colors!

  3. Maybe this is what I should do. I love your little sketch. Very nice shading on such a small sketch.

  4. Did you mean to tackle it head on or did that just happen subconsciously? It's definitely a different perspective than I usually see in a teapot picture.

  5. Pretty cute and amazing sketch -- with NO pencil or ink! Amazing!

    Hope you're feeling brighter tomorrow!

  6. Great use of the blue funk's energy--hope painting it out helped. (When I saw the thumbnail of this picture on a Facebook update, I thought it was a face, with the teapot spout as the nose!)

  7. Thanks, Martha! You're sweet to say so!

    You know, Kate, I haven't been able to walk for the last two days - maybe that's part of the problem.

    Lisa, it does help. It doesn't completely resolve it but it starts me thinking in that direction. I saw a church marquee this morning that said "Don't let yesterday eat up today."

    Timaree, it was by choice but not for the reasons you ask (though it could be subconsciously). I didn't want to do a profile of a teapot. So I turned it around and when I saw that angle, it just seemed to work!

    Thanks, Claire!

    KJ, I didn't see a face, I just saw funk. I'll have to take a look at the thumbnail!

  8. Are you back to your usual perky self yet? Hope so... you're too nice to be blue!


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