Can You "See" It?!

10:13 AM

"Let your soul _ _ _ _ even if on borrowed wings."

I worked on this zen-word, off and on, for a couple of weeks nearly 2 years ago when grief was tugging me down. At the time, it seemed that my "wings" were too weak to lift me up. Whenever I found inspiration somewhere out on the net I let it lift me up. Sometimes, in order to SOAR, we have need to lean on others' inspiration.

I started to "colorize" it when I rediscovered it this past week and then decided to post it untouched as a free download to anyone who would like to have it! It's my way of paying back (and forward) for all the wonderful inspiration I see and read everyday in the blogosphere. If you click on the image above, it should enlarge enough so that you can print it off and colorize it to your heart's content. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll post it over on Flickr.

*Please note this is meant for individual use and should not be sold, packaged or used in any commercial way without express written consent of the artist, Laure Ferlita.

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. That looks really nice. Thanks for offering it. Maybe you can show your colorization later. I know what you mean about looking at blogs and getting hope back again.

  2. Oh my gosh Laure - yes I can see it and it's beautiful. I never knew you did these. I've been fascinated with the zentangles for awhile myself. I don't do many of them, but I follow a few blogs about them.

  3. oh this is beautiful...all that stunning detail....

    well done..and way to work through your is a great release for that sort of thing!

    like therapy. thanks for sharing it too!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. This is a beauty. I am glad you found your wings again.

  5. Very cool illustration, Laure. Hope your wings keep growing stronger every day.

  6. Lovely drawing. I did see Soar in here. I like it black & white. it reminds me of old costume jewelry my Grandmother used to wear. Lovely. Thanks for your comment on my blog. appreciate it. Weather and medical things can do one in sometimes & Friends lift you back up. Thanks.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the comments!

    Cris—hang in there! This too shall pass!

  8. Laure, that is way too cool! I could see it right away! and I know absolutely nothing about Zen. I know what it is but that's about it! Beautiful job and very nice of you to share it with everyone!

  9. Yes! I "saw it" before reading the text!

    I trust you're back in your "soaring stage"?

    BTW... love the clean, elegant lettering!

  10. This is wonderful, Laure. I saw the word right off. Just the inspiration I need right now. Thanks!

  11. This really pulls you in. I did catch 'Soar' right away. Its a great image for the word and for the quote. Amazing patience to actually finish this. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Thanks Laure for sharing your beautiful drawing with us. I could see the word Soar right away! Rita


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