Not All Buds Bloom

6:08 PM

"It's no good, no good!! Abort! Abort!!" I'm sure these words ring a bell if you've watch any type of thriller movie where the reluctant hero has to take the impossible shot, fly through an impossible situation, or otherwise defy all odds, not to mention physics, to save the day.

I heard myself muttering something along the same lines today as I was attempting to speed sketch some flowers. I was working on a couple of sunflower buds that were damaged. I stuck them in a pinot grigio vinegar bottle thinking they'd be a nice arrangement for a few days. Then I had the brilliant idea that I would sketch them. Without drawing them. Turns out thinking was my first mistake. My second was even beginning the sketch.

The poor buds huddled together as fearful of my paint brush as they would have been of a Dixie Chopper (think lean, mean mowing machine or "The Annihilator"). Needless to say, I butchered the little buds. I am not sure what causes my resistance to sketching flowers quickly and without lead. Perhaps it is that I like (too much) to get lost in the details and take my time with them. It seems a shame to rush certain subjects and flowers would be one of them.

However, with all sketches there is usually something to redeem it and I must say the bottle turned out quite well. Not well enough to be shown the light of day, but respectable. So I will have to leave it up to your imagination to envision the poor hapless buds before their butchering.....

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh ... I bet it wasn't so bad at all .... love your blog, dear Laure.

  2. Been there done that. How many times. But look what you learned Laure and that is a good thing.
    From Teri wondering just how bad it can be. lol

  3. Butchered buds. Yep, I have seen a many of them in my time. Will probably see plenty more.

  4. Oh Laure I am so glad to know you go thru that too. I was told by a Teacher years ago that not every drawing or painting will be a masterpiece but it will be a learning piece. So you did learn from doing. So that wasnt a waste of time. So I am visualizing. lol

  5. Yep, we ALL have those...gah! If I didn't think mammograms were so important, I never would have posted my sketch of The Machine on Flickr! *G*

  6. Well cut out the bottle and collage it somewhere with a nice drawing of flowers in it to remind yourself you want to take time with flowers! It's nice of you to let us know you don't always have a successful sketch either.

  7. LOL Laure. Love the post. I know the feeling. We all have those days.

  8. Thanks, Donna, but it was pretty bad.

    You're right, Teri, it certainly wasn't time wasted or lost! I get closer each time I try. However, the painting is now on its way to be recycled!

    Glad to know I have company, Lisa!

    Thanks, Cris! I could not agree with your teacher more! It was an exercise in learning and by no means a waste of time. Sometimes you have to paint duds to get to the good stuff!

    And you are too harsh of a critic of your own work, Ms. Kate! With that said, I do understand that sometimes, you're really rather just not show it....

    Timaree, I made the "mistake" of painting on the back of test page for another painting so the page was not part of a journal. When it didn't go where I wanted it to go, I ripped it in half and tossed it into the recycle bin! Had it of been a page in a journal I might could have/would have salvaged it, but it's not likely.

    Yes, Ms. Martha, we do have those days—makes us appreciate the good ones!!


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