Not So Fast (Not A Fishy Weekend)!

4:26 PM

Well, I had hoped to wow you with my newfound sketching-out-in-public prowess, but it was not to be. In fact, I only sketched out in public once this weekend and that was at a restaurant called Romano's. It's a Greek/Italian joint with a wonderful, friendly atmosphere. The sketch below is of the flower arrangement on the tables.

Chris had an gyro and I had souvlaki - yummmm! The big brown thing is a bird's nest. Why it's in their flower arrangements, I have no idea. It just is. Below is a sketch I did after I came home from St. Pete on Friday. 

This is a sign from the Fourth Street Shrimp Store - a very eclectic restaurant that we've been going to for 20 years or so. They have an old iron bath tub filled with flowers in the parking lot. It's quite a lot of fun to go and see all the "junk" they have hanging from the rafters. The food's not bad either.

There were suppose to be three more sketches, but they just didn't happen. I'm having a hard time staying motivated with this goofy sketchbook. However, I will persevere and I WILL fill it. And I will NOT be buying another one! Back to making my own!!

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  1. I really like your flower arrangement sketch - especially the vase. You've absolutely captured the look of glass.

    I wish I could say there was a restaurant we'd gone to for 20 years - but in a college town, restaurants come and go too fast (except for fast food places).

    Oh yeah - I just remembered - we've been going to The Hideaway (Pizza) for 33 years or so. And I even did a sketch in there a couple of years ago when I was just starting out on this journey.

  2. eating and sketching seems an interesting challenge to me. Like what you did!!!!!!!

  3. Good for you that you do make your own, Laure! These are sweet--love the red tub. I'm enjoying all of these, though.

  4. I admire you for hanging in there with your sketching. I can't tell you how many times I have told myself I would sketch and still haven't started. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Back to making your own SKETCHBOOKS??? This is what I love too! Hey...did you see Teri's latest fan-folded ones? They are really cool.
    You can see hers HERE.
    It looks like the easiest and most convenient yet! I want to see yours too!

  6. I meant to ask you (since you know I'm also a bookbinder) - how do you make your own sketchbooks? I don't mean for you to post a detailed how-to - just what kind of sketchbooks do you make?

  7. Thanks, Cheryl, the glass is my favorite part too!

    Thanks, Lynn, my challenge came in that what I wanted to sketch was outside and I was inside and I wasn't much inclined to leave my food and go outside to sketch!! LOL!

    Vicki, I started sketching in my breakfast nook and slowly started taking more steps. I love to sketch outside (well, mostly) it's the public part that gets me!

    Yes, I did see Teri's fan folded ones! Thanks for sharing the link. I have a folded journal that I sometimes create. I need to get into real binding!

    Cheryl, you're gonna laugh - the last time I made sketchbooks, I cut down the paper to the sizes that I wanted and took the to Kinko's and had them spiral bound. For two reasons - first, I didn't have the time to learn proper bookbinding (not to mention I couldn't find a class) and two, I love the books that fold flat back on themselves. They're not very classy but they're easy to work in. The day has arrived though where I'm going to try and bind my own - properly!

  8. I'm not laughing. I've done that. And I have a Bind-it-All which is similar to spiral binding but with o-wires. I actually like it quite well and am thinking about using it for my next sketchbook.

  9. Fun sketches. It is funny how the binding of books really hits a switch for people. It seems so simple yet it isn't.

  10. Here I can't even get myself to sketch in my premade sketchbook at home, and you all are out in the world, making your own books, etc. You go, girls! For now, I'll be your admiring audience.

  11. Laure, love the little sketches. Fun and bright. Interesting bird nest in the middle of the flowers. You will laugh, I did a red pepper that my brother thought was a pumpkin. It is on my post from yesterday.
    I have not yet tried moleskine sketch books, because I like the spiral that open up flat also. Must try one some day though.
    Happy Tuesday.

  12. Awesome the blue, but then again, that red is luscious. Good for you, getting out there and doing these sketches....I have got to do some art, you inspire!

  13. Hate to sound cliche's too short to create in bad sketch books!! That book is plugging up your energy, use it for your grocery lists and doodle in it when you need something to do.

  14. Nice sketches huh?I like more the flower arrangement sketch..!!Nice blog,I hope I can visit the Romano restaurant one of these days..!!
    restaurant st pete


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