Don't Ask Me.....

4:13 PM

...why there's a clove of garlic on my cupcake! I've no idea. It just showed up. (Maybe it's a new taste sensation?) It's what the muse wanted and I'm not about to tell her she can't have a garlic cupcake! 
(ALL) Watercolor Sketch
3.5 x 5.5 inches
Moleskine Sketchbook

Could someone please explain to me what the attraction everyone seems to have to these Moleskine sketchbooks? This one is a watercolor sketchbook, and I cannot tell you how many times I've been tempted to pitch it! Or gut it and put in different paper. I do not like that paper. Or rather the sizing. It's darn unfriendly!

Anyway, hope this leaves you with sweet thoughts for the weekend!!

BTW, the original title was suppose to be "Would you like some cupcake with that icing?!!"

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15 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Never mind the garlic, it looks delicious anyway!

    Regarding the Moleskine - is your watercolour sketchbook the 8" x 5"? (approx) - I've gotten used to that size now, but they also have a FOLIO model, which is A4 (12" x 8.5") in Landscape format - quite a nice size.

  2. I think the icing looks good. Looks just like soft serve ice cream and who wouldn't like that on a cupcake?
    You know how I felt about my Moleskine watercolor book from your class. I still haven't gotten used to that paper.

  3. Thanks, Katie! I just could not get garlic out of my head. Soft serve ice cream sounds MUCH better!

    Maree, it's 3.5" x 5.5." When I said sizing, I meant the stuff on the paper so the color won't bleed as oppose to the size. THAT's the only reason it's still around - the size is perfect to carry around!

  4. The icing looks yummy (not like garlic at all, dear)! I like your original title!
    I have to agree with you re: moleskin sketchbooks...what is the attraction????

  5. I like LOTS of icing, so this looks good to me. I have used watercolor Moleskines and liked them, but they are certainly different from other papers. I do love those black covers and their slimness ...

  6. The muse must be obeyed whether it is garlic on icing or icing on garlic. I am glad someone that is a more advanced artist thinks this about the moleskines. The only good thing about them is that they are available. I wish I knew of a better book to buy. I haven't seen anything else around. Boooo I don't know what to choose on line. I am always afraid it will be even worse since I can't see or touch before buying.

  7. That is a nice size for a portable sketch book.

    A garlic topped have taken making fattening food healthy to a whole new level!

  8. Glad to know I'm not alone on the Moleskine thing!

    Thanks, Julie!

    Donna, I knew I liked you, girl! Anybody who likes that much icing is okay in my book!

    Lisa, I'm still fond of the Arches spiral bound books. Not as "pretty" as a moleskine, but the paper is infinitely better!

  9. I think your cupcake looks wonderful!!

    I resist the urge to purchase a moleskin book. I am such a contrary person, I normally shy away from what seems like everyone is purchasing. Arches is a good line, and there are tons of others. I recently went into UTRECHTS art store and they had so many types, in so many different sizes.

    Besides, I like to paint my covers, so the prettiness of a cover doesn't sway me either, LOL.

  10. In Gilroy, CA ("The Garlic Capital of the World"), I wouldn't be surpised if there was garlic icing! I think your cupcake looks just like it's frosted with gobs of delcious butter cream. So did you draw this from life? :)

  11. Icing looks like it came from a decorating bag....but let's see, what type of icing could have garlic flavor? Maybe cream cheese, chive and garlic on a whole wheat or multi-grain bread type cupcake!

  12. your post is timely as i just finished a painting in a moleskine watercolor book and ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE the frosting!!!!! yummy...

  13. Looks more like meringue/frosting than garlic! And if I were eating a cupcake I'd rather have meringue/frosting too! LOL!!!

  14. I haven't used the watercolor version of a moleskine. I have the sketchbook version and have learned not to do watercolor in it. It does okay with watercolor pencil though as it works best if something not too wet is used in it. I like the book format but lately reach for my own handmade journal with various papers in it.

  15. I guess I'm in the minority... but I seem to do ok with the Moleskine Watercolor book (pink sash). Yes, there are some nice handmade books with yummy watercolor paper but they are much more expensive.


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