And Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Bob!!!!

1:48 PM

We have a guest post today from Bob Skurrel, the mascot of The Compounding Shop of Riverview:

"Hello there! So sorry to be late for the Easter festivities, but it couldn't be helped. You know, it's really hard to get good service, not to mention help, these days. When my "ears, nose and tail" arrived via special order, they just weren't quite good enough. So, I had to send them back and thus began an alternation nightmare. I mean, really, can you imaging how difficult it is for a squirrel to hop like a bunny, look like a bunny and act like a bunny with ears and a tail that look like they belong on Eeyore?! Is it really that difficult? Yeah, well, apparently the answer is 'yes, it is!'"

"So here I am with all the props. Pretty cute, huh?

I thought so too. A little over the top for my tastes, but then these kids I work with, it's ah, it's sometimes a little difficult to curve their.....enthusiasm.

Not sure why they stuck that goofy stuffed rabbit in MY photo–isn't that the point, that I'm SUPPOSE to be the Easter Bunny? (Sorry, too many jelly beans makes me a grouch.)"

"And here's the profile shot of the white bunny cotton tail big enough for KingKong's backside. Geez, would you look at the size of that thing!! And man, talk about itch!?! And you know, that's just not a polite thing to do, to reach around and scratch your hiney and then hand a kid an Easter egg...."

"Okay, one last look at my adorableness. I gotta get a better photographer - that kid can't take a decent photo for no amount of money! As I understand it, that particular trait runs in the family, none of 'em can take a decent shot. And look at all the junk she put in that basket - who and what is this about–ME or that, that....stuff?!!?

Man, I need another jelly bean....hmmm, wonder if they ate 'em all. That would be bad.....for them........."

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh how hysterical Laure. I love it. I have a few squirrel/bunnies on my back deck I could do this to. Love the post.

  2. How nice of you to drop by with a guest blog post today. I'm sure that Laure appreciates a little break .... ha, ha, ha... I don't know how she does it - constantly on the go - Paris, the Beach, and now England... So nice of you to help hold down the blog spot..

  3. Hahaha!! Sooo cute. I can't wait to see him on the Fourth!

  4. It's a pleasure to meet the famous Bob. Hope you're resting up after the Easter festivities!


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