The Strangest Things Inspire Me

11:17 AM

Morning. I'm working on a project. I'm thirsty. Coffee mug is empty. I refill it.

I find myself standing in my kitchen, looking at my mug, wondering what's wrong.

The coffee doesn't taste right.

The project calls. I head back to the computer. The coffee taste remains a mystery.

Later, the coffee mug catches my attention. muse is calling.

I sketch & paint it.......

Watercolor, 5 x 5 inches
Scrap paper

As I am sketching the mug, I realize the reason for the funny tasting coffee.

I "generally" put cream in my coffee........ 

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18 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You made me laugh this morning. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone. :)

  2. Have you ever diped you brush in your coffee instead of the paint???
    I love your mug its adorable. I love to have fun colorful mugs in my studio. Thanks for the smile, Deborah

  3. Coffee, tea, diet coke, water, yep, I've dipped into all of them! I've learned that IF I remember to put the mug on the OPPOSITE side of the table from the water containers, I'm much more likely to stay out of them.

    But that's a big IF!! ;•)

  4. Good one! I bet most of us have dipped our brush into our beverage of choice!! One thing about black coffee, it can add some interest to the watercolor.
    I once was eating carrot sticks and accidentally bit into my kneaded eraser. UGH!!

  5. Oh, Brenda, too funny! I haven't done that - yet, but it would not surprise me if I did!

  6. Thanks for the laugh! Pretty coffee cup.

  7. What a funny comment about biting an eraser. Yuck indeed. Your coffee mug looks good. I have certainly dipped into my tea cup before. Ha... That is what you call into your project.

  8. Love the mug! And yes, black coffee, although it tastes really bad when you've rinsed out acrylic! My worst experience (which pretty much stopped me drinking black coffee) was getting right down to the bottom of the mug to discover a dead bluebottle... my mother tried to comfort me by saying it would have been sterile due to the boiling water (didn't really help, actually).

  9. I have done that--did it once with wine, and I kept thinking that wine tasted awful. I LOVE your mug of coffee here--beautiful, Laure!

  10. Oh yes, you are not alone Laure !! How funny. Makes us all laugh a little at ourselves. Nice painting though.

  11. Oh, Laure... you make me laugh. I love your mug. I used to take my coffee to my morning watercolor class in a travel mug, so I never actually dipped my brush into my coffee. I did nearly drink the paint water, though!

  12. Oh, my, too funny, Susie! Not funny to you and especially at the time, but certainly funny to hear!

    Hmm, I hadn't tried wine at the art table yet, Sue! You've given me something to strive for!!;•)

    Thanks, Martha, and Kathy! And yes, I've come close to drinking the wash water too - not quite, but close!

  13. LOLOL Oh man -- you REALLY needed that coffee!! LOVE the mug!

  14. Beautiful done painting on this cup and the coffee looks real. With cream right?

  15. I do love the coffee mug painted. Your right side of brain was to busy thinking of painting the cup not adding cream...I have dipped my brush into my drink many times too...Not good with oils. Yuck.. You would think I would learn.
    Got a chuckle from this post today. :)

  16. the coffee mug looks wonderful!!! and I also enjoy cream in my coffee!! unless I have a latte...

  17. Hahaha! You made me laugh. I loved the painting and the's so cute, but when I read your last sentence, I laughed! fun post.. You captured the shine that shows on ceramic. I love that!

  18. Great mug! That surely was a preoccupied mind you had at the time!


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