Make Up Your Mind, Would Ya?!!

5:48 AM

Watercolor Sketch
5 x 7 inches, Cachet Sketchbook

While waiting for KJ at Panera's on Friday, I decided to sketch this lovely "Panera Palm" that sits majestically in the courtyard. (Not sure if the majestic come through in the sketch.) KJ and I had talked about sketching the tree the first time we met at Panera's back in September, but somehow we were/are always too busy gabbing to paint. 

So why do I need to make up my mind? Well, because....

Back near the beginning of the year, I quit carrying my sketchbook around so as to "lighten the load" on my shoulder and switch to a small(er) bag. I felt like I had everything and the kitchen sink in my bag and I decided that nonsense had to stop. I was starting to list to the right. Besides, does anyone need 4 different colors of lipstick, a lip gloss AND a tube of ChapStick when all they ever really wear is the ChapStick? So I switched.....

...and I missed my sketchbook. Or more correctly, I missed a couple of great sketching opportunities.

Next, I tried switching bags to find one that was just big enough. I felt like Goldilocks... all the bags I tried were either too big or too little, too heavy, the wrong shape, the wrong color.....none were just right. (Sometimes, I just wish I could carry a wallet in my back pocket like my husband does. Until I went to put on my favorite capris and there was NO pocket!) Okay fine, I thought. I'll do the next best thing. I decided small was the way to go. Really small. But that didn't work either.

I still missed my sketchbook. 

So, I gave up and gave in. Now I'm carrying a bigger bag than I've carried in quite a long time, except there's just nothing in it besides my sketchbook, kit and wallet. And the ChapStick. It's still waaaaaay too big, but at least I'm prepared to sketch at a moment's notice. And I'll have room to take home those bagels from my visit at Panera's!

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15 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love it! I've gone from carrying an almost luggage sized bag to a teeny weeny bag (my shoulder would ache when I was out for several hours when I had the large - and full - bag), but now I have to cram it full just to get the basics in and it's fairly bulging. I'm now considering going back to the large bag so I'll have more room :-)

    Sigh. The things us women have to endure.

  2. This handbag thing really is a dilemma, I agree - why do we need so many things as compared to men...? Lovely sketch, and be assured that your palm is VERY majestic Laure!

  3. ...I know just how you feel. What a pain! I've ended up going with a medium-big Vera Bradley with lots of pockets to keep things organized.

  4. I find that I collect more and more in my bag and rarely use most of it. I actually threw my bag over in the passenger seat of the car and it set off the seatbelt alarm so I new it was time to downsize. Thanks for your info on the yellow paint in the previous post. I have been searching for a wonderful yellow and will give this one a try.

  5. I love the finished sketch! And I certainly identify with the size-of-purse dilemma. One of my pet peeves is my husband asking me to carry his wallet, keys and phone in my purse when we're out together...I try to make sure my purse isn't quite large enough to handle those items! But then it's not large enough to carry MY sketchbook! Ah, well...

  6. I'm glad you're carrying your sketchbook again, because your palm is quite majestic - I love it. I recently switched to a smaller purse too, but I never carried my sketching stuff in my purse; it's in another bag, which I don't always remember to take.

    I can relate to Kathy's comment - my DH sometimes asks me to carry his reading glasses, but I don't have room in my new smaller purse. :)

  7. Oh, wow, had no idea this was such a common ailment!! Thanks for sharing the woe!

    That's what I was doing too, T, and finally couldn't stand it anymore.

    Thanks, Maree!

    Organized?! Heck, Kelly, I'd be happy with just sorta together!

    LOL, Vicki! I've done the same thing!! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks, KJ, occasionally Chris will ask me to carry his phone, but only because his holder broke.

    I tried the two bag thing, too, Cheryl, and I was never where my second bag was when I needed it!

    There's a solution - not sure what it is, but there's a solution!

  8. Laure, as you said in your note, how fun that we both wrote about a similar subject on the same day. Love the Palm Tree, especially love the "bag" discussion. Happy Monday

  9. I think every female, well most anyway, relates to this. I have tried them all. Thing is I like to carry my camera with me. Its not small either. I have a purse that could be a bit bigger but its heavy on its own with nothing in it. I carry WAY to much stuff but cant seem to thin it out..Why do we need the kitchen sink with us? Groan..Love the sketch. Glad you are keeping your skecth book with you again. My camera is usually at home when I see a great photo op because I lightened my load. ;o

  10. This seems to be a universal theme! I have been searching for the ideal handbag for ages. I had one I loved, but it was so worn, I just had to throw it out. I did that an picked it out of the trash again. This went on for a year, and then I really got rid of it. The new one was too deep though, with my broken arm I could not hold it and dive into it with the other hand, so I got a smaller one,... This one works quite well, though it is not really an office handbag. I've decided I no longer care if I look professional :-)

  11. How beautiful! Palm trees are so intricate!

  12. I guess it is the dilemma for all of us. I take my sketch book everywhere and if I forget it I end up sketching on a receipt or a napkin. BTW Laure, I have really enjoyed all of your supply posts. Very informative and of course, now I want to dash out and get more supplies.

  13. I am surprised no one has mentioned the option of a backpack! :-) They make nice handbags now with backpackish straps. Helps with the fatigue issue but not so easy to get at credit cards and cash. Might be something to consider though!

  14. Ha...ha...ha.... you sure made me chuckle. Well... part of it is that its time to hit the pillow!! (1:19am!)

  15. Great solution to carrying your sketchbook! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Kathy too!


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