The Joys of Sketching Wildlife

9:48 AM

Watercolor Sketch
Nature Sketchbook
5 x 7 Inches

Text on the page:
"The Ibis visited today! Lots of juveniles. I've always admired how they sedately walked around going about their business.....[however,] these guys seem to gallop! Of course, that happened after I got my pencil and started to sketch! LOL! It was fun. This is a melange of different birds as they just would not stand still no matter how nicely I asked!"

It is good to be able to laugh at one's self....I have always enjoyed watching the Ibis stroll around the yard or by the lake in a leisurely fashion as they dig around for grubbies. Or so it appeared until today. Instead, it seemed as if they were galloping past me! Of course, this phenomenon only started AFTER I had taken out my pencil to try and sketch the birds! LOL! 

Whereas this is not one of my best efforts, every time I look at this sketch, I have to laugh. At myself. For not really realizing the "true" speed of life - until I tried to capture it on paper. And, yes, I'll try again. And I'll be just as amazed (and amused) when I ask nicely, and the latest creature to be immortalized in my sketchbook rushes past me, getting on with the business of their lives, completely ignoring my request to stand still and pose.

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16 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh, wonderful painting and wonderful words. Laure, you have such a great persona and inspire so many. Just love your work !! And the fact that we can all laugh at ourselves
    Have a Happy Thursday.

  2. I love this sketch. I love these birds. and I love how you tell about the speed of life and not realzing it till you try to capture it. Isnt it amazing how fast things do move. I try drawing my pets who I think never move from one spot then find I never seem to get one of them done without some sort of movement just enough to throw me off. lol

  3. LOVE the Ibis "herd" Laure! Great sketch and sounds like a lovely experience!

  4. I know just what you mean. I tried sketching cows and they don't even move much, but it sure seemed like they did when I started sketching 'em! Lovely!

  5. Thanks, Martha, you do quite a bit of inspirin' yourself!

    Cris, it never fails - grab that pencil and they're gone!

    Oops! Too funny, Maree, I forgot about the "herd" comment! We've always called the birds herd - not really sure why as we do know better!

    Hmm, I haven't tried cows, but I gotta think they're gonna be the same, Sue! Aggravating creatures! ;•)

  6. I remember these birds when I was in FLA a long time ago, so long ago I was barely doing any sketching. However I can relate to the speed because we have Gambel Quail here and all I have to do is think 'en' and they are gone!

    Great sketch and commentary Laure.

  7. Lovely sketch, Laure. Even pets tend to move when you want to sketch them. I was trying to sketch my dog recently, and she kept turning her head. I finally just did the back of her head and put the sketchbook away.

  8. Great sketch in spite of their movement Laure! The fact that you had several to make composites of might have helped.

    While visiting friends recently, I tried to sketch their sleeping cat. She didn't move until I started sketching. All I caught were parts of her - paw, ear, nose, etc. But it was fun too.

    And we have geese in our yard - they move fast too!

  9. You gals are the best! Thanks for all the kind comments and for not trashing the sketch (or me)!

  10. Hi Laure...

    I'm so happy to have found a fellow artist! i'm your newest follower!

    do come by and see me too sometime...I'm in the middle of setting up another giveaway! be sure to check in soon!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina is my main blog...start there!

  11. You will have to start sketching flowers if you want something in nature that sits still. Ha... I think this is a great sketch of the Ibis. They are always moving it seems. They were probably nervous with you staring at them. They thought you might be seeing turkey legs instead of Ibis legs.

  12. Enjoyed this lively sketch and sure got a chuckle out of your musings!!

  13. I know what you mean about them constantly in motion! Just treying to take a picture is difficult!!! I like your sketch!!! :)

  14. Hmmm, so did you snap the photo and THEN do the sketch? I think you have a great fun sketch here. I feel like they are playing follow the leader.

    As far as flowers sitting still as commented above, I'm not sure even they stay still enough for me!

    I'm glad you had fun as that is what a large part of art should I think.

  15. Quite a nice result from live sketching, all I ever manage to do is to take a few digital photos when the flocks pass by. It's always nice to read about other artists methods and experiences.

  16. You had me laughing, I know what you mean. I'm convinced they know what a sketchbook looks like and love creating a challenge for we artists!!


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