What's In Your Sketch Kit?!

2:35 PM

Since folks know I often sketch on location, it's not unusual to be asked "What does your kit look like?" And I thought it was about time to share this info here!

Small Watercolor Kit

This is my small kit. It's approximately 8" long by 3" wide x 1" deep. The box is constructed of plastic, but it has some give to it. It's amazing what you can get in one of this boxes!

• My palette that holds 18 colors
• A sponge
• Large white eraser for mistakes
• Kneaded eraser for lifting graphite without completely removing the line
• A white crayon for highlights and creating a resist
• Various brushes
• A ruler*
• Mechanical pencil (so I don't have to sharpen it)
• A small bottle of water to wet the paints
• A paper towel and tissue (inside the box)

*I use a hairband to wrap around the ruler and the brushes to keep the tips of the brushes from getting crunched if they get too close to the end of the box. By putting the ruler to the edge of one end of the box and the brush handles at the other end, the brushes don't move around. 

There has been one very important change I've made since this photo was taken - I now use a waterbrush for almost all of my location work:

Using a waterbrush on location simplifying matters greatly. No need for a water source, I don't have to haul water in case there isn't a source, and no buckets or cups to cart around to put the water in! I generally carry several waterbrushes as each has its own personality and is good for certain tasks.

These are the supplies I take on location. They are tried and true. I know they'll work for me again and again, no matter what my subject may be. I may throw in a black permanent pen if I'm going to be doing a lot of quick sketching. The only other thing that may change is the choice of pigments I take to a location (i.e. more earth tones and oranges for fall, more blues for snow or water).

I also have a very large elastic band that I sometimes use to hold my sketchbook and kit together. This makes it possible to sketch just about anywhere, any time!

Now, what's in your kit?!!

p.s. If you are interested in purchasing one of these boxes with the Imaginary Trips logo on it, let me know!

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