A New Look at Old - Unfinished - Stuff

4:16 PM

I came across these two images as I was cleaning out the studio and organizing my finished work…

Watercolor Valentine's Day card
5" x 5"

The one above was the first one and at the time, an absolute flop. It was suppose to be a bra laying on satin sheets with soft folds. Instead, this suggested female shape showed up. I also lost the lacy look on the left cup. The suggested female in the background was pure serendipity and I should have gone with it rather than stopping.

Watercolor Valentine's Card - Unfinished
5" x 5"
Going along the same theme, I started over. I liked this one much better and I have no idea why I didn't finish it! I mostly likely got distracted by the next latest, greatest project. It seems I get distracted a lot judging by all the little pieces of unfinished art I've discovered during the clean-out. Another behavior discovered. Right up there with hoarding old, used-up curling irons…… 

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