Knockin' The Rust Off!

12:57 PM

I was quite shocked to see January 15th on the calendar already!!! Geez, Louise, could we slow down just a tiny bit, please?! As I sat pondering how we've already whizzed through 15 days of this scrumptious new year, it dawned on me that I have not painted, sketched or drawn since before Christmas, waaaaaaaay before Christmas! I know it's been 5 weeks and it may even be six! (No wonder I was getting cranky!!)

So it's time to "knock the rust off" and reteach myself which is the proper end of a paint brush, how much water to use, how to feather an edge and just in general, get moving in the art department. Again. I occasionally hear an artist talk about how much difficulty they've had getting back into art after a long period away. Almost without fail, if they're asked if they did any warming up BEFORE jumping back in, they'll shake their heads no.

Hello!! Would any professional athlete, chef, singer, or any other performer begin a game, new recipe, or performance without some practice and warm ups? Not likely! Why then, do we as artists expect to sit down to draw or paint without practice and warm ups?? That's crazymaking!! And yes, I'm guilty of doing this very thing so I'm qualified to speak. ;•)  I did this up until I started painting full time and was able to observe the effects of not warming up–can you say "ruined paintings?" I've finally learned.

This is what I call a throw-away piece. If it turns out, great! If not, that's okay, its purpose was to get me painting again and it has done its job well. This is a watercolor and it is about 10" x 4" so far. If I go all the way across the paper it will 22 inches long. This still has a lot of work to be done. We'll have to see what becomes of it once (if) I get it finished.

Hope you get to knock the rust off your paint brush this weekend, too!!

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