"Beach Trash"

2:05 PM

"Beach Trash"
Journal Page in my Nature Sketchbook
8" x 8"
Sometime back, Chris and I had a few days to play at the beach. I've been working on putting together a "beach page" in my nature sketchbook ever since. It's been slow going with holidays, studio remodels and such getting in the way. Both of the days that we went to the beach were immediately after storms had blown in from the Gulf of Mexico.

There's always fun "beach trash" to find when the wind kicks up the wave action - shells, coral, feathers, seed pods, shark's teeth, coquina shells, just to mention a few. This is a WIP as I still have quite a bit of "refuse" from our walks to add to the page. The other cool thing about a page like this is I can keep adding to it as I find things along the shoreline.

If you're hankering for some "beach time" why not join me on an "Imaginary Visit to the Beach?" It's a virtual trip to the beach to capture some of Mother Natures gems, jewels and tidal pools. The class starts on Friday, February 5th, so there's still time for you to grab your sketchbook and join in! If you would like more information please visit Imaginary Trips!

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