Hearts for Haiti!! Yay!!

6:14 PM

Thanks to Ms. Teri, over at Teri's Painted Daisies, (and the gals from the ABC ATC swap) and Kelly over at Red and the Peanut, we're back on!! I am posting the info again. If you know ANYONE who might be interested in this, please pass the information along!

Here is most of the original post (edited for clarity):

While Chris and I were having breakfast this morning, I was telling him about the suggestions everyone was making to help the heart piece along. He commented that it would be cool if everyone created a heart and then I Photoshopped them together…………

So what do you think?!! Everyone creates a heart in an ACEO size (2.5" x 3.5" or 3.5 x 2.5"), emails me a high-res jpg, and I put together some type of design with them which we'll vote on. Perhaps the final could be a print of the collage and/or a t-shirt design and/or something else (open to ideas) with proceeds going to a charity of everyone's choice to help those in Haiti. The original pieces of art could also be auctioned off! Open to ideas and thoughts on this! The art can be any medium. As long as it contains a heart in it somewhere it can be included.

Let me know your thoughts and if you're interested in joining in - leave your name in the comments. When you email me your art, just send it to ArtHearts (at) gmail.com! Replace the (at) with the @ sign. I'm going to set a deadline of midnight, Friday, January 29th, to get the art to me! Please send this out to anyone you think would be interested in contributing.

Above is a badge for displaying on your blog. Link it back to this post and as the idea develops, I'll update the information.

More Info can be found in theses posts. Just click on the link:
1.29.10 Haiti Art Hearts - Get Them In!!
01.25.10 Art Hearts for Haiti Update
01.21.10 Q & A on Hearts for Haiti

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