Energy and Time Drains = Creative Deficiency

1:06 PM

rough draft of a potential time thief

This morning I started working on a list of energy and time drains in my life that need attention. As I wrote down items getting in the way of the creative flow, I started playing around with the thought of what a time thief would look like. Hmmm......

This is the second rough I did to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper. I envisioned a mouse (rat?) stealing some tidbit of ribbon with the words time and energy woven into it and disappearing into a  dark, dusty hole in the attic. There, the little thief would busy him/herself with tucking that sweet ribbon of energy and time into its nest for a touch of extra-cozy comfort!

When I am tempted to ignore or avoid one of those energy or time drains in my life (again), having this rough illustration reminds me that I'd rather add cozy comfort to my nest (life) rather than to a thief's!! Of course, if I really want to know what a time thief looks like, I simply need to go look in the mirror.....

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