There Will Be Days...

10:14 AM

There will be days when the challenges stack up, left and right.

There will be days when it seems easier just to give into the defeat than to keep fighting.

There will be days when nothing makes sense and the fight seems pointless.

And yet...

There will be days when I remember why I do what I do and why I love what I do. Those are the days I live for. The moments that make up those days are the reasons why I continue to overcome the challenges that would see me give up.

I've recently had a bunch of those challenging days gang up on me all at once. Technology is a wonderful, marvelous thing—until it's not working right, a piece of the system changes or has to be replaced. I use an analogy of a spider web. Wherever a spider web is touched, it is felt all over the web. The bigger the touch, the stronger the vibrations.

My camcorder malfunctioned and I was quite annoyed to learn that the maker considered the camera "obsolete" even though it's only six years old. Of course, in the world of technology, that's a dinosaur. When I switched to a new camera, my lighting setup no longer worked well. More changes. Then there was a memory card malfunction. And if these had the only challenges, it wouldn't have been so bad, but life doesn't work that way. There were other challenges, unrelated to work, going on in the background.

A casualty of those "stacked" challenges was my concentration to write and post to the blog.

There are days when I have to scrape pretty close to bottom before I realize it's not a place I want to be, let alone linger in, and the only way for me to realize this seems to be for me to go there.

One of the things that helped to pull me back up and refill my well was a great class at Keeton's. Since it's been so bloody hot here in Florida (and a lot of other places as well), we worked on painting ice cream in our sketchbooks using stencils for the cone and backgrounds.

And, yes, we had a blast! Below are three of the ladies from class with their gorgeous ice cream cones (everyone chose their own flavors) and there wasn't a calorie in sight.
Marilynn, Mary and Gayle
Once again, it was the healing fun of art, the camaraderie of working with others to learn and create art that seemed to restore a sense of balance to my life.

The challenges are inevitable. To some degree, they're even wanted. How boring would life be with no mountains to climb or obstacles to scale?

And I'm sure there will be more weeks when they all happen at once and yet again, decisions will have to be made about whether to fight or give in.

I'm also willing to bet art will be there to save the day!

How is your (hotter than all-get-out) summer going? Are you painting, sketching or pursuing some other artistic pursuit? Please share in the comments!

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Thanks for this post. I am facing ongoing health challenges, which constantly challenge me whether to give in, give up or keep believing and creating. Between my faith and art, I have kept going. Art is my most healing therapy. Thank you!

  2. The class still came off well, even with the glitches. Remember, it is YOU that makes the class, not the lights, sound or tech stuff. Your handouts are so well done that they more than made up for the visual challenges.

  3. We all have those seasons in our lives. I have been wondering where you have been. Life is like that sometimes. Here I am plugging along. Yes, I just made me a new journal and I have been trying to draw in it often. I don't set any time tables or rules. It just flows as does life. Hang in there.

  4. Thank heavens for cool nights during hot summers. Oregon almost always cools down at night so we can be out for at least half a day. Often I'm out photographing insects with my husband .... but, fortunately, sketching slips in there too.

    Good post on challenges! It is always important to remember 'this too shall pass.'

  5. Dear Laure - I hear you friend and yes there are times when inspiration and creativity gets sucked right up in life's challenges. Have had several of those these past couples of years but doodling and playing with colors gets me revived. The summer has been very hot and dry here too. Hope you have a better week coming. Hugs!


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