Woohoo! It's Finally Finished!!!

3:02 PM

Strangers Among Us?
Detail from Original Watercolor Painting 
by Laure Ferlita, © 2009 All RIghts Reserved

This painting has been ever so patiently sitting in my studio for nearly 8 months waiting for me to finish it! It is nearly unheard of for me to go back to a painting once I've abandoned it. It just doesn't usually work out well. For one thing, being the goofus that I tend to be, I totally did NOT write down any of the pigments I used in this. I had one of the white pumpkins nearly finished and they other (which you can see in the post below) was nearly untouched. This is the one area where it would show the most if I didn't use the same/right colors. So, there's the first lesson - do a chart of the colors I use in a painting. 

The other thing I've learned - again - from this painting in particular is not to get into the details too soon. Recently, I've been trying a new approach to my painting and that is to paint standing up so that it makes it difficult to paint the details in the first place. This allows me to get the shapes in first, then go back and add as little detail as possible to get my message across. I've also been finding that it sometimes (usually) helps to limit the amount of detail in an image, and being the detail-hound that I am, I want to put it ALL in! 

The last thing I've learned is to be BOLD on the first brushstroke to the last - even if it's wrong. Get in, get it down (right preferably) and get out! I was rather timid with the color on this and I lost track of all the layers it took to build up the depth and heft of those pumpkins - especially on those white pumpkins. But I can tell you this, when I painted the second white pumpkin, it didn't take me nearly as long as it did on the first one. I had to do some fudging to get my colors to align on both white pumpkins, but it worked. 

Being timid nearly cost me this painting. It simply took too long and I got over it looooooong before I finished the painting! Not optimal, but I'm learning! Every single time I put that brush to the paper, I'm learning and that makes me happy!!

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