Daily Practice - Hawk's Feather?

5:53 PM

I'm back and almost as good as new! I finally managed to get a brush in my hand today and keep it there and it feels so good! As always, Nature gifted me with a treasure on my recent walk outside. I found this cute little feather while I was strolling around about dusk. It was the first time I'd been out of the house since Monday! I am not at all sure that it's a hawk's feather, but Chris and I both thought it was independently before we discussed it. Maybe not a hawk, but we do know it's not from the usual suspects.  

This is done from life in my nature sketchbook. It is watercolor. I'm not sure how long it took as I was too busy enjoying getting to paint to notice the time passing. I'm seriously guilty of taking my health for granted until something goes awry. I did a long post in my gratitude journal about what it meant to be healthy, for me, in my current life. I remember my grandmother saying "To be rich is to have nothing. To be healthy is to have everything." At the time I didn't understand. You can bet I do now!

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling so much better. And your grandmother is so right! That feather is amazing! It does look like a hawk's feather--we see some sharp-shinned and Cooper hawks with markings like that. Whatever it is, you did a remarkable job of it! I can't even fathom how you went about doing what you did, but it's beautiful!

  2. ...glad to hear you're back in the saddle. Beautiful little feather. How do you capture that fuzziness... It really is a gift.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are going out and this feather looks too perfect! It really is more real than a photo. you are a wonderful artist!

    hope your week is lovely!:)

  4. Hey Laure,
    Oh my, I love the feather! You must have used an eyelash to paint it! I am in awe of your concentration---not to mention your incredible skill. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog---I think I might as well own up to procrastination being a much more powerful muse than the image at this point---denial, yes, sometimes it works ; )! But then reality bites.....
    So glad you're feeling better--I've missed you. Maybe one day I'll be as faithful to my blog as you are to yours. I sure enjoy visiting here~~

  5. Thanks for all the kind comments and well-wishes! It is soooo good to be back!

    Thanks, Sue!

    Kelly, hope you're feeling better!

    Iva, hope your week is outstanding too!

    Kathy, I think we are all guilty of procrastination and denial. They're tools. We use them when we have necessary to deal with current circumstances.

  6. Great post Laure. So true about health and excuses. Just doing what we can to the best of our ability. This feather is a wonderful example of your abilities. Praise and congratulations.

  7. So happy you are feeling better! Not fun to be sick like that.

    Fabulous feather!!!

  8. If the main part of the feather is fuzzy, not just the little bits near the quill, you may have yourself an owl feather! Beautiful job.

  9. Welcome back!! So glad you're feeling better and enjoying your art again. A lovely feather indeed!

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