Daily Practice - Hawk's Feather?

5:53 PM

I'm back and almost as good as new! I finally managed to get a brush in my hand today and keep it there and it feels so good! As always, Nature gifted me with a treasure on my recent walk outside. I found this cute little feather while I was strolling around about dusk. It was the first time I'd been out of the house since Monday! I am not at all sure that it's a hawk's feather, but Chris and I both thought it was independently before we discussed it. Maybe not a hawk, but we do know it's not from the usual suspects.  

This is done from life in my nature sketchbook. It is watercolor. I'm not sure how long it took as I was too busy enjoying getting to paint to notice the time passing. I'm seriously guilty of taking my health for granted until something goes awry. I did a long post in my gratitude journal about what it meant to be healthy, for me, in my current life. I remember my grandmother saying "To be rich is to have nothing. To be healthy is to have everything." At the time I didn't understand. You can bet I do now!

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