9:18 PM

Strangers Among Us
© Laure Ferlita
2009 All Rights Reserved

The image above is a portion of a larger painting I've been working on that may turn out to be a competition painting. It is not complete (as I hope you can tell). The white pumpkin still needs a lot of work and the shadows still need to be painted in. There is a companion piece that goes with this that I've not started yet. They are both long horizontal layouts. I want to get them finished as they've been hanging around way too long. 

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...hey! It's making me think of the crisp days of autumn, but I haven't enjoyed summer yet! Beautiful. Pumpkins are among my favorites. I grow them in my garden too.

  2. It's beautiful already. I love the hazy background, and your washes are so soft and light. I also really like that horizontal composition. Good luck!

  3. Interesting to see this part 'in progress'. I'll be anxious to see what happens to it.

  4. Good for you - picking up old projects again! Sometimes you need a break for a while on some things...

  5. Very nice.
    I love the brightness of the orange pumpkins--would be nice on a quiet wall.


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