Where does the time go?

9:03 PM

Here it is the end of the day on Monday and I still don't have any art to post! I've been fighting it out with a competition painting as I write this and at the moment, I'm not winning. Don't you hate that? When a painting gets the best of you? Arrrgh! Which means I'll probably have to start over. Sigh. That's not good, but what else am I gonna do?! It's for a competition painting for pete's sake! And I think, no, scratch that, I know that's part of the problem - I'm trying too hard. 

I've also had a lot of activities that have taken me out of the studio, and I've been putting in a lot of computer time lately working on some projects that I'm hoping will come to fruition in the fall. All this to say I haven't been making any art - that I can share. I'm hoping by mid-week that the onslaught of computer stuff will let up and I can go and sketch a bit so that I'll have something to post. 

Once again, the balance thing with keeping all the balls, some tea cups, and a couple of plates up in the air at the same time while you balance on one foot while chanting the a-b-c's as you kick a soccer ball with the foot up in the air, you know, that balance thing . . . . it's still eluding me. 

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