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11:34 AM

This little girl is "manufactured" so to say. In other words, she doesn't exist except in my imagination and I need your help - I need you to look her over and tell me if she looks like a little girl you would see on the beach or if there is something "off" about her. In the sketch above, these are both the same little girl but I am most interested in the one on the right. PLEASE nitpick! I need to make sure this is as good as I can make it. 

In case you're wondering this sketch is just a practice sketch and it will be refined for the actual painting.

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Good for you for jumping right in and doing this sight-unseen, so to speak.

    My gentle (?) critique is that the hat just isn't doing it for me. It looks rather old fashioned, so unless the whole piece is going to be of that era, I'd update the hat. Maybe check out some on-line kids clothing stores for ideas. Also her bathing suit looks like it is too big for her. Nowadays everything is so skimpy and skin-tight, I'm not even sure she should have sleeves, unless it was a tee-shirt and shorts.

    Her haircut is cute, but maybe a little too heavy and long a line on the eyes. Nice shadowing all over, though.

    Can't wait to see this progress!

  2. ...I'm terrible at finding problems in your work, so I'm no help at all. I can tell you what I like...and that's the posture. I can see a little girl balancing as she walks through waves..or maybe stepping around shells. I pick up the ocean feel and the freedom of childhood (and being lost in daydreams...she looks like she's concentrating on something). I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Hi Laure - My 10p worth (you did say nitpick):

    I would make the cheeks chubbier and the chin a little less pointed - she looks more teenage in the face. And lighten the lid line a little - she isn't wearing mascara. The pose is great, and the proportions are fine, although you could make the head a fraction larger (toddlers have much larger heads in proportion to the body).

    Having savaged you to pieces, I really like it: it's charming, and the hat is an excellent touch.

  4. THANK YOU ALL! I've already started on a rework. I"ll try to post her later today. You've picked up on some of my issues with piece. Practice, more practice!!

  5. I am never good at this, mostly because I love your work! Having said that I looked at what the others said and it made sense. So I vicariously learned from you! Thanks lol Knowing you, you are probably well on the way to being done.

  6. I'm so not good at this, especially knowing your work it makes it even harder to critique.. I guess I'll have to agree with Susie Jefferson about the head and the chin. Little girls really have these round faces that make them look so cute :)
    having said that, I really like it! I can't wait to see the finished piece:) good luck!

  7. Overall, I think it's a good painting and you've done a good job with it (bravo for you, brave soul that you are!).

    I do agree with Susie on the chin being a little too pointed, and the width of her eyes and face seem a little too wide. A general rule of thumb for face width (although child proportions are different than adult proportions) is that the face is approximately five eyes wide. That is, one eye width on one side of the face, then one eye itself, then one eye width in between the eyes, then another actual eye, then the last eye width on the other side of the face.

    I love the pose and the colors!


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