Sometimes It Works . . . .

9:27 PM

. . . . and sometimes it doesn't! I started a portrait of a baby tonight as my daily practice. It was a bad choice and I knew it before I ever made the first pencil mark, let alone brush stroke, but if I don't get out of those comfort zones . . . . 

I've been running around ALL day, which is rare for me these days. I went back to the blueberry farm - more photos and art to be posted soon - and was able to take some really nice photos in the early morning light. Then to the eye doctor, then to the frame shop to pick up some newly-framed pieces of art. Back home to pick up another piece of art (already framed) that I forgot, and then on to the art show to enter them!

Let's just say the day did not run smoothly and things took much longer than expected. However, all's well that ends well. I finally found the gallery (Google Maps put the gallery in a lake), entered my pieces, and returned home not much worse for the wear. My kind husband even took me out for dinner after he came in from work! (He's a sweetie!)  

So starting a baby portrait was not a good decision. Since I have not done a real portrait in a couple of years, I probably should have chosen a) something/someone easier b) to not start it when I was tired c) started it when I had more time and d) planned to take my time with it. I haven't decided if I will just scratch this one and start over or go ahead and try to finish it. Either way, there should be a baby portrait on the blog at some point tomorrow.

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Laure, you made me laugh. It's nice to know others have days that don't go quite as planned either.

  2. I think you nailed it Kelly, it wasn't a bad day, it just didn't go as planned. And today is a brand new day to try again!

  3. One of "those" days...they pop up every now and then grinning and seem to disappear just as smugly. lol:)
    Look forward to the baby portrait.

  4. Congratulations on the art show! Please keep us posted how it goes. And even though the day did not go smoothly, you didn’t have to cook either!

  5. Thanks Sheona, for the visual! You have it exactly right!

    Krista, thanks for the congrats! Trust me, the world will know if, or should I say when, I win! ;•) And not cooking is a huge plus in my book!

  6. I've had some bum steers from Google maps before... but no buildings in lakes so far! Glad everything ended up alright.


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