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First off, let me start with a huge, huge THANK YOU to everyone has pledged a heart or already sent a heart - this is what makes the blogging community such a great place! (Please click Hearts for Haiti for more information.)

PLEASE REPLACE THE HAITI BADGES ON YOUR BLOG!! I've added the word Art to this badge so that we are not confused with nor in conflict with another organization by the same name! (If you need a smaller size of the badge, please look at the bottom of the post.)

I've received some questions:

Can I send more than one heart? At this time, yes! If the response it so huge (I'm dreamin' big here!!) that I have to limit it to one, I'll let you know. At this time, send me what you've got!!

How do I know if it's hi-res? The size of the digital file should be larger than 500K to be used for printing and other applications. If it's larger than 500K, that's fine, send it! Remember to send it as a jpg.

Can you just snag a copy of the art from my blog? No, please email it to me. This is to cover both of us and to make sure I wind up with the right piece of art.

Where should I send my art? Please start sending your art to ArtHearts (at) gmail.com. Replace the (at) with the @ sign.

I am pulling together info on possible auction(s), I am looking to get a magazine to pick this up, and would love help and/or ideas on what else can be done to create awareness around this campaign so that we can raise more funds for Haiti's recovery.  If you know of a contact in the publishing industry that might help, please contact them or send me the contact info and I will contact them.

If you have ideas beyond t-shirt designs, prints, and auction(s), I'd love to hear them! There's a lot of power in this community and if we put our heads together, we can do something really worthwhile with a lot of impact! So throw me your ideas - big or small! Don't want to leave them in the comments? Email me at the ArtHearts address above!

Again, THANK YOU for the outpouring of support and for your "pieces of heArt!!!"

More Info can be found in theses posts. Just click on the link:

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This is such a cool idea! I will post this on a writer's email loop that I'm on to see if anyone has any publishing contacts or might know where you can submit an article about this. I'll think about it, too. Can't wait to see the art!

  2. It's so exciting seeing this come together.

    Idea-1: make t-shirts and sell them on Ebay.
    Idea-2 make cards to sell
    Idea-3 Make a poster to sell
    Idea-4 Contact a news media (TV, newspaper) about the items for sale.

    I'll let you know if any more ideas come up.
    I know others will have good ones too.

  3. Hi Laure, I want to join in. I'm sending you via email my offering.

  4. Hi Laure...Just sent mine aff as well...:)

  5. Hi Laure! Changed the badge on my blog!

    I was thinking...do you have Facebook? How about a Facebook page!! And Twitter!

    I agree with TeriC, ebay, etsy, yessy, cafepress, indierepublic, even artfire might be a good place to check into! I love the greeting card idea, poster and what about...coffee mugs! All kinds of other products over at cafepress.com if you're not familiar with them it can't hurt to take a look.

    Hearts & Hugs,

  6. Thank you, KJ! I should have already asked you!

    Great ideas, Teri, thank you!

    Thank you, Kate, I have it!

    Thank you, Peg!

    Thank you, Cat, great ideas too!

  7. Laure my computer has been in the shop so I have been out of the loop a bit. I have donated a painting to 140hours.com for an auction for Haiti Relief to be held the 29th but will do my best to paint a heart ACEO this weekend and get it to you.

  8. Thanks, Vicki, and thanks for sharing the link below! This may be a way for us to raise more money!!

  9. http://www.etsy.com/shop/crafthope
    I saw this site on etsy - maybe we should contact them????


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