Progress…Sweet, Slow, Steady Progress

5:39 PM

Still working on the studio and the progress is one step forward, two steps back, as I continue to purge and pack. Only to turn around and unpack. And then repack. My focus has been on getting like items with like. Once everything is grouped, I'll go through and systematically eliminate. Sounds easy, right?

We'll see.

I love boxes. Especially unusual boxes or if they're square. Or red. Now this is not a newsflash to me as I've known this for years. I have a thing about "square." And red, but that's another discussion. I have a lot of squares in my life. Knowing this, I've tried to be careful to "collect" only special, prime, unusual or pretty (square) boxes. It would also seem that Yoda was right - there is no try. You either do or you do not.

I did not. Be careful. Careful enough, anyway. What is a newsflash to me is that I've boxes coming out my ears! Some red, some with handles, some unusual, some pretty, some are even square, but for crying out loud - there's nothing in them! Except maybe another box or two. How many (empty) boxes does one soul need?? Egads, I do wonder about myself sometimes, but you knew that already.

Since you probably wonder about me too (I saw you nodding your head–stop that!), I'll go ahead and tell you the other hugely annoying behavior I've discovered. I have found dozens of these cryptic notes, usually on Post-It note paper all throughout the sh…stuff in the studio and most of the time I have NO idea what I was talking about!

It's my handwriting, which would suggest that I wrote them. Makes me wonder though. Occasionally, after much brain digging, I can figure it out. It helps if the note was attached to one of those unfinished pieces of art or project, but not much. I would suggest to anyone that is contemplating cleaning out, moving, rearranging or otherwise modifying their studio, to arm themselves with a dust rag, a heap of patience and a good dose of humor - you're gonna need it!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more "reading and cyphering" to be doing…

P.S. Pictures will be forthcoming, I promise!!!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. So you have a thing for red boxes, eh? I wonder what Freud would make of that. Your post made me smile, at least partly in recognition. Try to enjoy the process of packing/unpacking, etc., as well as the final product! I'm eagerly looking forward to pictures, too!

  2. Oh no! The cryptic note this spread to Florida??? I thought I kept better control :)

  3. So, that's where it got started - South Carolina?!!

    Drats! I probably brought it back with me when I was there is 2003 for that workshop!! ;•)

  4. i can't wait for pictures of your new studio. i'm a storage freak and have collected too many boxes, many of which have nothing in them.

  5. I'm wondering if we need to start a "box fetish/storage" recovery program!! ;•)

  6. I love to read your posts about your studio! I will be anxious to see it finished. I am currently using a small space and being very creative with storage. Within the next year or two my husband has promised to build a studio away from the house. So I read, hopefully gleaming some pointers from the lucky ones!!

  7. I think most people have their "collections". The first step in controlling such collections is to identify the item. You are on the mark. Good luck. It will be fun seeing your studio all neat and tidy.

  8. Oh some of those notes are here too ... but you know they serve a good purpose in getting that confusing stuff out of the brain. If it was really a good idea it will return!

  9. Here's what you do: When you find a stray note, put it in a box. Soon, all the boxes will be filled and then they will be serving a useful purpose! Of course, that doesn't solve the "decyphering note" problem, but that sounds like a whole OTHER issue..... :)

  10. Oh, boy, do I sympathize! I cleaned out my "whatever" drawer this week and got overwhelmed by how many unfinished projects and cryptic to-do lists I discovered along the way. Some of the to-do lists dated from a while back and had things *still* not done on them. Sigh.

    Hoping you got through your cyphering chore. I love the red boxes thing. It's so quirky and somehow speaks to me of passion. :)

  11. I have a whole basement fulllll of boxes - still unpacked. This is where my studio is supposed to be. I'll be so glad to never see another piece of cardboard. Cleaning up and getting organized is so painful!

  12. Thanks, Brenda, that makes two of us that are anxious for the studio and the house to be done and put back in some semblance of order.

    So it does actually get neat and tidy, Lisa? I'm beginning to wonder!

    Donna, that's the best explanation I've heard yet!

    Issue, Krista? Surely you jest!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Meredith, I haven't even begun to touch the "whatever" stuff yet! That's another story for another lifetime!

    Robin, I've wondered if we wouldn't be better off moving every other year or so just so we wouldn't accumulate so much! And yes, it's certainly painful!


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